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Business Spotlight

Peaches Restaurant

Katrena Mitchum, Bill Douglass, Tim Sanow, Lena Hernandez and Jacob Thompson (click for larger version)
07/01/2007 - I love the French fries at Peaches. And the fish sandwiches. And the fruit smoothies. And the hamburgers that always taste so fresh. And the chicken strips made from real, 100% white meat chicken. And the soup. And the salads. And the apple and cherry turnovers. And the shakes. Andů Is it just me or is it time for lunch?

Seems like I'm not the only one who loves these menu items at Peaches.

"People compliment us quite frequently so we must be doing something right," says Peaches' owner-operator Bill Douglass. "We have a nice variety that appeals to almost everybody."

Peaches in an independently owned fast-food restaurant and so it's a tall order to compete with the massive advertising campaigns that the national chains splash all over TV and newspapers. Peaches makes up for it by offering the best quality food and service they possibly can, which brings folks back to the restaurant again and again.

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And folks have been coming back to Peaches (once called The Red Barn) since 1965.

Bills' folks moved from Rawlins to Casper and bought the restaurant, along with a group of investors, in 1971. Bill was studying political science at the University of Wyoming at the time. But after he earned his degree, he moved to Casper to help his parents run the place.

In 1977, the family sold the restaurant and struck out in new directions. In 1996, Bill bought it back and he's been running it and loving it ever since.

"Our emphasis is to provide quality and freshness."

Hence the name Peaches?

"All the other good names were taken," he says laughingly, quoting his partners. "Yes, because the name connotes freshness."

Bill does his research and makes sure he finds suppliers with the best quality food. It's a little more expensive for Peaches to buy from them, but Peaches' customers benefit with the taste of delicious food.

And as for the Peaches' personnel, Bill hires the best he can.

"I'm sure we pay better than anyone else in town and we offer benefits," Bill says. "They get free meals. If they work full time for a year, they get a $1,000 bonus. After a year, they can opt for health insurance or a raise. We try to be flexible in our scheduling. We're only open until 8 p.m. and we're closed on Sundays. We try to be employee friendly."

"Our folks work hard. We ask a lot of them." When they're not busy with taking care of customers, "they clean or prepare for the next rush."

When Bill is not helping to run the restaurant or doing maintenance or paperwork, he enjoys our great outdoors. He likes to go up to the mountain and, when possible, take his pop-up camper to Dubois to do some fishing. Bill loves our small-town atmosphere, our mountain, and our wide-open spaces.

Is it just me, or does that make you make you think of freshness?

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