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Casper's Cool Kids

The Danderands (click for larger version)
06/01/2007 - Casper's kids come in all shapes and sizes – and so do their cool dads. From cool dads come super cool kids, so with the celebration of Father's Day this month, I decided to ask kids a few questions about their dads. They told me what's cool about their dads, what their dads have taught them, and why they love their dads.

Makenzie and Brittney Danderand, daughters of Travis and Dene, both thought it was pretty cool that their dad is the store manager of Home Depot. First-grader Makenzie said her dad has a cool car, that he taught her how to ride a bike and that what she loves about him is he's really strong. "He can lift us up and swing us with our bikes," she said.

Brittney, who's in the fourth grade, thinks her dad is cool because he has a good sense of humor. He comes in pretty handy at homework time, since he's taught her a lot of math. Brittney says she loves her dad because, "he lets me do a lot of stuff my mom wouldn't."

The Ratcliffs (click for larger version)
Fellow fourth-grader, Adam Ratcliff is the son of Rick and Chris. He thinks it's cool that his dad is a firefighter who saves peoples' lives. Adam is his dad's "little buddy," and says his dad has taught him to be a good person, as well as how to do math. What does Adam love about his dad? Well, "I love everything about him," he said.

Matt and Heather Sharpnack's kids, Grace, Garrett, Griffin and Gage, took turns weighing in on their dad. With all the wisdom earned in kindergarten this year, Gage said his dad is cool because, "he's very tall and he has cool clothes." Gage says his dad taught him how to spin really fast. And about that love stuff – Gage said, "He loves me and I love him."

Griffin, also a fourth-grader, took a practical approach in answering. He thinks his dad is cool because, "he buys me things and he gives me money." His dad taught him to play sports and he's loved by Griffin because, "he's my dad." Of course!

The Sharpnacks (click for larger version)
The two older children, Grace, a sophomore, and Garrett, a seventh-grader, have seen another side of their dad the others haven't seen yet. They've both been his students in Jr. High history, and he has been Grace's forensics coach in high school. Garrett says his dad has a pretty cool mustache. Not only did he teach him how to ride a bike, but "he taught me right and wrong. I can always look up to him for anything," Garrett said.

Grace attributes her dad's coolness to him being "very funny and intelligent." She said he's taught her debate and forensics and she loves him because he's caring.

So what's cool about your dad? If you can, tell him. If you can't, celebrate him by telling someone else. Happy Father's Day to all the dads of Casper's Cool Kids!

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