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The Stenhaug Family

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06/01/2007 - Jeff and Tammy Stenhaug and their sons Kellan (17), and Kris (15) are avid outdoors fans -- camping, hunting, fishing, and, for the boys, climbing mountains and snowboarding.

"We're Casper natives and we chose to stay here when we married," says Tammy. "Casper's a great place to raise a family."

Jeff adds, "This is home. The mountain. The weather. Where else can you have all these outdoor things to do so close?"

"And we have a large extended family here," says Tammy.

The boys smile, roll their eyes, half-nod-half-shake their heads as if to say, "You better believe it."

Kris asks almost rhetorically, "How many cousins do we have?"

Tammy and Jeff try to figure it out on their fingers. They can't. Well, a lot.

The entire family loves Casper so much, in fact, that when Tammy's parents retire, they're moving back to our town. From St. George, Utah. Yeah, I know you'd think it'd be the other way around but I guess that's Casper's appeal for ya. And the pull of family heartstrings.

Tammy is a hairdresser and has owned Fantastic Sam's for 10 years. One of her shops is on CY Avenue and the other is in the Triangle Plaza.

Jeff works at CK Mechanical as a plumber. The boys work there after school and are learning the skill of plumbing, as well. They may not become plumbers themselves some day, but it's still a very valuable skill to have.

The boys attend NCHS. Kellan, a junior and Kris, a sophomore both play on the football team. Kris plays cornerback and Kellan plays cornerback and wide receiver. Kris is also a wrestler and Kellan plays hockey.

This summer Kellan will attend football camp and Kris will attend the J. Robinson Wrestling camp which will take him to Iowa, Nebraska, and Texas.

Kellan's favorite subject in school is chemistry. "It's hard but I like the challenge." He also likes social studies, especially history. Kellan wants to be a veterinarian some day. He and a friend, who is a pilot, plan to attend college in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and their goal is to fly back and forth between Steamboat and Casper so they can stay in touch with family and friends.

Kris, who plans to be an architect, likes math in school, especially algebra and calculus. He finds geometry unnecessary. Really? Even if he wants to be an architect? Yes. "Because in geometry you have to prove that a triangle is a triangle. In architecture you know it's a triangle. You can see it. It's right there."

From the beginning of their married lives, Jeff and Tammy have committed themselves to raising their family. Their leisure activities either include or are centered around their sons.

"We only have them a short time," Tammy says. "After they're gone, we'll have the next 40 years together."

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