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Stratton Real Estate

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04/01/2007 - Famous for its dizzying boom-bust cycles, Casper was experiencing one of its worst ever economic downturns in 1983. What a perfect time to start a new real estate business! Huh?

Fred and Bobbie Stratton did just that. Their drive, hard work, and unique approach to running a real estate business, in addition to surrounding themselves with dedicated agents and support staff, created a formula for success.

Now, 24 years later, theirs is the largest independent real estate firm in Casper.

Stratton's business-structure and management-style are uncommon in the real estate business. Typically real estate owners, or brokers, compete with their own agents by also buying and selling properties. Fred and Bobbie don't compete with their agents.

"We support our agents. We do everything we can to help them succeed," Fred tells me. "We are non-selling, non-listing brokers. Our business philosophy is 'To be successful, make the people you work with successful.'"

Bobbie adds, "We have the most delightful, dedicated, and successful agents you could ask for."

Another rarity in real estate is that the Stattons support their agents by providing them with a large, salaried support staff. Necessary tasks that could pull agents away from their real work, showing homes and listing properties, are performed by Statton's dedicated staff.

"We love our staff and our agents," says Bobbie. "Our success comes from their drive."

Because of Fred and Bobbie's support and encouragement, their agency has very little turnover. Bobbie says, "We've created a family."

Another rarity in real estate is Bobbie's focus on helping tranferees relocate to or from Casper. "You might say I specialize in it," Bobbie says. "It's my main interest."

Bobbie and Fred are active in our town. Fred has served on all of the real estate boards, is past-president of the Fair Board, and "too many other things to mention."

Bobbie was the first woman to serve as president of the Country Club. And again, too many other things to mention.

The Stratton's love Casper. Bobbie jokes, "We like the clean air. We get new air all the time. It's always moving."

And they like Casper's size and its people. "The people in the community are what make Casper," Bobbie says.

Fred agrees. But his absolutely favorite thing about Casper is that he can "ranch on the side." Fred runs Red and Black Angus and performs, along with Bobbie, all the chores necessary to keep his animals healthy.

"We just like being outdoors," says Fred.

"Both of us," Bobbie adds. "That's one of the reasons I like to golf so much. I can be outdoors and walk."

"She's a golf addict," chuckles Fred.

Bobbie concedes. "Well, I used to be. Until my grandbabies came along. Now it's all about them."

I wonder. Have you ever noticed that some of the most successful folks in business have gracious and abundant hearts for their families?

In the Stratton's case, I wonder if their business success stems from their love of family and home. After all, their business motto says, "Home... where your story begins."

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