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The Schneider Family

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04/01/2007 - "I'm the luckiest person in the world to find this family to be a part of," says Kate Schneider. "When we met, there was an instant connection."

Husband Zach, who had been a single dad for nine years, nods in thoughtful agreement.

Zach's daughter Abby, now 10, quietly watches her dad and new mom. Her smile seems to convey a feeling of secret reassurance.

In early 2001, Kate, a native of Albuquerque, was considering a move to a smaller town with a slower pace. A friend told her about our town. And though the friend had never lived in Casper, she had heard about it and thought it would be just right for Kate.

The friend was right. Kate moved here, found work right away, and, four years later met Zach. A year after that, in January 2006, the three became a family.

Zach was raised and schooled in Casper, except for a stint in Laramie for journalism school. He was a journalist for the Casper Star Tribune for 6 years and, in 2004, decided he wanted to be a high school journalism and English teacher. So he quit his job and became a full-time student.

Right now, Zach is two or three semesters away from graduation. Kate, also a college student, is on schedule to earn her Master's degree in school counseling next spring.

Abby is in 5th grade at Park Elementary. She likes art, math, and reading. Oh, and playing the violin. She takes private lessons from Jennifer Cowell and, at school, plays in the orchestra under the direction of James F. Mothersbaugh, Jr. "I like how orchestra music sounds so smooth."

Each member of the Schneider family has a talent in the arts. Kate is a professional photographer, owns Blue Skies Photography, and even had an art show at Metro Coffee Company.

Zach, active at Stage III Community Theatre since 2002, is a consummate theatrician. He has served in a variety of essential capacities and is currently the Board's Vice President. You may have seen him a few weeks ago in the lead of "A Thousand Clowns".

Then there's Abby. Besides her dedication to the violin, she's a theatre buff. She started at age 6 behind the scenes of Stage III helping her dad in his first leading role. As Zach continued his almost non-stop theatre work over the years, so did Abby.

And now... May I have a drum roll, please?... on the last three weekends of this rainy (We hope) month of April... Drum roll continues to enhance suspense... Abby Schneider makes her stage debut as Tilly in Stage III's "Inherit the Wind". It's not a large part, but, as far as Abby is concerned, it's just the right size. And, as far as I'm concerned, it's probably just the beginning.

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