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Business Spotlight

Casper Surgical Center

02/01/2007 - "Our purpose is to provide the highest quality outpatient surgical care for our community," explains Jim Sigler, Administrator of Casper Surgical Center. He elaborates, "We try to achieve this through five basic principles we expect from all our staff: (1) efficiency, (2) kindness, (3) empathy, (4) openness and (5) honesty. In this way we build trust."

In the four-and-one-half years Jim has worked for Casper Surgical Center, he has been pleased to note the friendly, comfortable, caring environment. As an outpatient facility, Casper Surgical Center recognizes that patients actually get better faster when they get home sooner, a commonly recognized phenomenon. However, the staff strives to make the experience as pleasant as possible for the patient during the time spent with them.

After graduating from Green River Community College in Washington State, Jim worked for Western Christian High School as a coach and Bible teacher. He spent twenty years in ministry and moved to Casper to accept the position of Executive Director of Youth for Christ. After meeting Youth for Christ's current director, Harold Bradshaw, it became evident to Jim that it was time for him to do something else and that Harold was to assume the position.

Jim's wife of nearly 20 years, Susan, works in Casper College's Adult Basic Education outreach site in north Casper. Daughter, Hayley (15) attends Kelley Walsh High School. Jim sees her in some kind of helping profession. "She loves people," he explains.

Having grown up in southern California, Jim appreciates Casper, describing it as, "a nice little town with friendly people, nice restaurants and decent shopping."

Thank you, Jim, and all the fine staff at Casper Surgical Center. Casper appreciates you.

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