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Casper's Cool Kids

Sean Cummings

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02/01/2007 - Eleven-year-old Sean Cummings is beyond cool. He has been described as "melodrama personified" by Margaret Gillikin, the director of the music camp he attended last summer. He has a gifting for humorous roles in plays and was given two different parts (both involving singing and dancing) in the musical entitled The Donkey's Tales, which was performed at First United Methodist Church across from the Natrona County Public Library on 2nd Street. Sean also graced the stage in two Christmas performances, having a lead role in one.

Sean sings in the Choraleers, a children's choir with which he performs once a month.

"With Sean's abilities with Legos, it would not be surprising if he grew up to be an engineer," says his dad, Alan Cummings. Some of Sean's Lego creations include various Star Wars creations, guns, spaceships, Viking ships and a passenger plane.

"I want to be an Air Force pilot," Sean beams.

His mom, Blithe, informs us that "he has been wanting to fly ever since he was two and was wanting to have rockets on his feet. Once he figured out he couldn't have rockets on his feet then he decided he wanted to fly planes."

Sean is interested in history, especially war history. He particularly enjoyed a trip to Gettysburg as he had wanted to learn more about the Civil War. He remembers seeing two different kinds of cannons – one was a regular old cannon and the other was more like a giant rifle.

He is involved in 4-H and has served our community by picking up trash around the AG building. He also helps out with the annual 4-H carnival. He has participated in various 4-H projects involving such things as cooking and shooting sports.

Sean is a very upbeat kid and nothing gets him down for long. He loves to laugh and specializes in making his mom laugh. He is very willing to jump in and try something new, whether it's food, or a new game or sport, or helping out at church. He is an accolyte at church and has helped usheer on a couple of occasions on the spur of the moment, when asked.

He doesn't have a shy bone in his body and will talk to anybody, at length!

Sister, Emily (8), tells us, "Sean is nice. He is funny and sometimes he plays games with me."

Sean enjoys complex computer games, an interest he shares with his dad. One of his favorites is a game called "Civilization". He is also involved in a bowling league and loves it.

Sean, you truly are a well-rounded and very cool kid! Thanks for making our community a little better just by being here.

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