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02/01/2007 - During the January 11, 2007, Board of Director's Meeting, The Casper Area Economic Development Alliance (CAEDA), completed its annual election process by appointing the following CAEDA Board Directors to serve as officers for the 2007 year. Jim Porter, CPA, Porter, Muirhead, Cornia & Howard, will serve as Chairman of the Board. Tim Monroe, Wyoming Business Report, will serve as the Vice Chairman of the Board. Bob Sutter, Vice Chairman, Hilltop National Bank, will serve as Treasurer. Bill Sullivan, General Manager, KCWY and Casper Chamber of Commerce Representative, will serve as Secretary.

One of their first Board actions of the year was to support the feasibility study introduced by the Rocky Mountain Rail Authority. The study will examine the current state of existing rail lines, capacities, infrastructures, and financial constraints in order to plan for the creation of a high speed rail corridor from Casper to New Mexico. The CAEDA Board of Directors has approved funding $12,500 dollars of the $50,000 dollars requested from the City of Casper, in partnership with additional funding from the City of Cheyenne, and the State of Wyoming.

CAEDA membership is open to any interested business or individual willing to support various economic development initiatives in Natrona County.

For More Information Contact:

Robert Barnes, Jr.


Casper Area Economic Development Alliance Inc.


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