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Heart Center of Wyoming at Wyoming Medical Center

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02/01/2007 - During a stroke, time lost is brain lost. During a heart attack, time also plays a critical role. The sooner a heart attack victim receives interventional treatment, the greater the chances are for survival and full recovery. Ideally, treatment should be started within one hour.

At Wyoming Medical Center, the Heart Center team has been implementing new processes and procedures to reach the one hour goal and recent data shows the results.

Data from the American College of Cardiology from last quarter indicates that WMC's interventional heart attack treatment, "door to balloon time", ranks it in the 91st percentile, among the 10 ten percent, of the 536 hospitals rated.

"Our catheterization lab at WMC is vital to saving lives. We've have excellent results in providing interventional treatment quickly and efficiently," said Dr. Robert Novick, a cardiologist with Wyoming Cardiopulmonary Services and the Heart Center of Wyoming

According to Dr. James Orford, the Medical Director for Cardiology at Wyoming Medical Center, collaboration and communication have been key to WMC's high ranking.

"Our commitment to Best Practices for early intervention for Myocardial Infarction (heart attack) comes from strong inter-departmental communication between Cardiology, Emergency Medicine, Cardio-Vascular Surgery and Nursing," said Dr. Orford.

For more information on the Heart Center of Wyoming and Wyoming Medical Center, please visit www.heartcenterofwyoming.com or call 1-800-822-7201 ext. 2445.

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