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Business Spotlight

Olson Auto Body and Collision Center

Olson Auto Body Staff (click for larger version)
10/01/2006 - Ken Olson of Olson's Auto Body and Collision Center first had the gleam in his eye for starting his business in 2000. Having managed Dodge Coliseum in Riverton before moving to Casper in 1991 and then working for Nagle Motors and Coliseum in Casper, Ken was well equipped with experience and in October of 2004 he won the inaugural Business Plan Challenge Competition sponsored by the Small Business Administration.

The Olson's had purchased the building in 2002 and began the long process of upgrading. After much hard work, Olson's Auto Body and Collision Center was open for business on November 1st of 2004.

"I'm so proud of Ken for all of his hard work and dedication to make our business a success!" says wife, Morgan Olson, who is a "professional homemaker" and a wonderful mother to their four children, Hanna (10), Miranda (7), Avery (2) and Cole (1).

Office Mgr Willow Holder and Ken Olson (click for larger version)
"It's rewarding to be able to deal with people all day long and to be able to do it in an honest fashion and to come home to my family and know that they support me and that I'm doing my best for them as well," Ken says.

Olson Auto Body and Collision Center is a direct repair facility to several major insurance companies. "One of our most important services is helping customers process insurance claims and get through all the red tape," Ken explains. "With our experience in dealing with the companies we can help the customer get through the process a lot faster than they could on their own." They offer service in collision repair, body work, paint work, interior repair and glass replacement.

The number one thing that the Olsons enjoy about Casper is the people. Ken says, "Even though Casper is a mid-sized town, it has a 'small town' atmosphere. Everybody knows everybody."

"I really enjoy working for Olson's Auto Body and Collision Center," says Willow Holder, Office Manager at Olson's. "I'm proud of the work we do and making our customers happy!"

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