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Outstanding Educators

Bob Kleinschmidt

Bob Kleinschmidt (click for larger version)
10/01/2006 - During the fire on Casper Mountain, Casper College offered their gymnasium to evacuated residents. Our college is not only academically oriented. It is also community oriented. Casper College's outstanding music educator, Bob Kleinschmidt, is that way.

Bob instructs Woodwind and Jazz Studies and is the Executive Director of the Kinser Jazz Festivals. He and his students go beyond the traditional concert hall and into our community. "It is important for Casper College to reach out to the community because we have been so generously supported throughout the years," shares Bob.

Hilery Walker, the former Community Relations Coordinator of our Natrona County Public Library, coordinated two performances with our featured educator. "Bob was a pleasure to work with," she says. "He is a great teacher."

Casper College Sax Choir (click for larger version)
Library patrons, welcomed to come and go at their leasure, not only heard great music, they were able to gleen some interesting music theory and history. "I believe musicians need to do a good job of communicating with the audience. They should help listeners understand what they are listening to," conveys Bob in a kind and reflective manner.

Bob works at having good communications with his students and being one they can trust with their questions. His greatest reward is having them come to him with a question and seeing the student walk away with a new understanding.

He approaches instructing like "peeling an onion", by "peeling one layer at a time." He can find the problem and help his students find resolve.

His students have helped taught him to think before speaking. "The best intentions and best interests at heart can be said in the wrong way. It is important to always choose your words carefully," shares Bob. His greatest challenge is choosing the right words with his good intentions.

Our Outstanding Educator is married to Kencis, a "very wonderful, caring person". She is finishing her master's degree and teaches preschool at Sagewood in the morning and University Park in the afternoon.

They have two sweet children. Raymond, their inquisitive five-year-old, reads constantly, likes rabbits, is fascinated with marbles and at one time, wanted to be an "ice cream maker". He wonders how our oil rigs work and why the sun controls day and night but the moon controls the tides.

Kjersten, their funny three-year-old daughter, loves to aggravate her brother and be a princess. She attends the Casper College resource center.

Casper feels like home to them. They like not having the big traffic. When they were in Delaware on vacation, Bob thought of Casper and said aloud, "I'm really looking forward to getting home." Bob and family, we are pleased to have you in our community. Keep feeling at home here.

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