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Our Cover Family

The Rostads

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10/01/2006 - If you have attended a reenactment at Fort Caspar in years past, you may have seen the Rostads, our cover family. Tim, husband and father, portrayed a blacksmith. (He actually knows how to make lantern hangers and S hooks using the blacksmith method.) Bonnie, wife and mom, played the role of "exhausted immigrant" cooking over a fire. Son, Zac, was a soldier and daughter, Tiffany, frolicked about as one of the pioneer children.

Tim is a deputy for our Natrona County Sheriff's Office. He has been serving this office for about twenty-two years. Tim is this year's recipient of the Governor's Silver Award for DUI Enforcement. The Natrona County Victim Response Unit awarded him this year as well for outstanding services. Way to go, Tim!

Bonnie, a piano teacher for about fifteen years, has decided to leave the role of teaching and take on the role as "a non-traditional student." She is under the Construction Technology Program at Casper College, a program that offers carpentry, woodworking, board drafting and CAD (computer aided drafting). She appreciates the patience and excellent experience of her advisor and teacher, Jim Sears. "He has been helpful and I have learned so much," Bonnie warmly comments.

The past two spring semesters, Tim and Bonnie have had "date nights" at Casper College. Together they made a six drawer, legal-sized file cabinet and 73" tall bookcase with glass doors, both crafted out of blue stained pine. They made the bookcase 17" deep enabling it to hold Tim's historical westerns, an enjoyment he acquired from his dad.

Zac is now twenty-seven years old. For years he worked for Tom Rudkin, who taught him a lot about remodeling. Now Zac has his own business, Retineo Tiles, providing our community with tile work and remodeling. On the side, he is building a mission-styled coffee table.

Zac thinks highly of his nineteen-year-old sister Tiffany. "She is one of the best siblings a brother could have. She is mindful and thoughtful of others," says Zac. Tiffany is in her second year at Casper College studying in the Foreign Languages Program. She works at the Metro Coffee House, is a part of Campus Ventures and is musically gifted in singing and playing piano and guitar.

Do any of you have a Shilo Sharps catalog? Tiffany is in this catalog. She is also on their website in their trophy room.

Zac and Tiffany share their dad's interest in guns. They hunt with him and other relatives. The Rostads enjoy the Quigley Shoot in Forsyth, Montana which provides eight different stations that test their skill in long distance shooting. Tiffany wears beautiful old time dresses, one of which Bonnie has made for her.

Casper offers much to the Rostads: steady employment, educational opportunities, nearby elk hunting, good neighbors and the four seasons. Tim adds, "We have loved raising our kids here. It has been a very positive environment for raising them. It has become home to us with many friends nearby."

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