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Casper Youth for Christ Honors Ashley Bright

10/01/2006 - Looking for a more positive hangout than most of today's top spots for teens? Come on over to The Link! This coffee shop located on the corner of Nichols and A Street is a great place to meet new friends and have fun. Foosball and pool, a gym where basketball and volleyball are available, occasional live music and coming soon, and an indoor skate park that is now in the final stages of funding make The Link popular. The staff and atmosphere encourage young people to keep a healthy outlook on life.

Ashley Bright and Link Director Ed Stebbins (click for larger version)
The Link was first conceived by Ashley Bright, who is Director of the Casper Boys and Girls Club. When the Boys and Girls Club finished construction on a new building, Ashley saw in his mind's eye a safe place where teens could drop in and enjoy each other. With the help of the late Dr. Ann Zimmerman, Gail Zimmerman and Harold Bradshaw, as well as many private donations of time, material and money, not to mention the McMurry and the Zimmerman Foundations, Ashley's vision became a reality.

The Link is an extension of Casper Youth for Christ Ministries, an organization our town has been priveleged to have since the year 1980. Ashley has been working with Youth for Christ since he was twenty-two, though he has not always lived in Casper, and now Casper's chapter of the organization wants to honor him with their second annual "Reaching the Every" luncheon at the Parkway Plaza on November 8 from 11:44-1:16 PM. Event is free to attend...just call 235-6650 for reservations.

Ashley operates as a human magnet for connecting Casper's people in many community-building endeavors. He sees the natural gifts and talents that reside within the hearts of people, young and old, and intuitively networks them together in ways that benefit our Casper community. Some of those who have benefited from his seemingly unending energy include The Child Development Center, Care Net Pregnancy and Resource Clinic of Casper, Natrona County School District #1, Community Facilitation Initiative (Building Meth Free Communities), The Science Zone, and Leadership Wyoming.

Thomas Hamill, author of The Thomas Hamill Story Escape in Iraq, will be the guest speaker for the luncheon. He was a civilian POW in Iraq and has an incredible testimony. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California, once said of Thomas, "His courage under fire is truly an example to all of us."

Casper Youth for Christ has two core ministries, Campus Life and Youth Guidance. Campus Life meets weekly on some of the junior high and high school campuses around town.

Thank you Ashley Bright, Casper Youth for Christ and everyone down at The Link! You truly add so much to our community!

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