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The Faxons

07/01/2006 - When asked what brought her and her husband Greg together, Traci Faxon, our featured wife and mom, responds, "Simmental cattle – we met showing them in Washington State."

In 1995, fresh out of college, Greg and Traci loaded up their 1985 Chevy with camper and took their dog, cat and belongings to Casper, sight unseen. Greg was offered a job here at Psizer Animal Health. He still works at Psizer selling vaccines for cattle. "Greg is a hard worker and very patient," shares Traci. "He is a mentor to new co-workers. He wants to succeed."

Traci is a Creative Memory Leader. Fifteen women are on her team. Her and her team want to encourage and show women how to preserve memories either simply or very creatively.

Greg and Traci are glad they have come to Casper. "I like the population of this area," says Greg. "It is big enough to be self-sufficient, yet not too big."

Traci adds, "I love raising kids here."

Greg and Traci have two children. Abbi, their seven-year-old daughter loves to read. She reads all the time! Abbi wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. She has already watched surgeries done on animals. Her love is for horses. She gets to care for Dixie, the horse her mom trained when she was sixteen.

Gillen, Greg and Traci's five-year-old son, has an active imagination. "If you see Superman, Batman or Spiderman around town, it's probably Gillen," relates his mom. Recently Gillen had a minor crisis – he couldn't find his Superman shoes before leaving the house! When Gillen grows up, he wants to be a cowboy. Will he dress as the Lone Ranger?

Even though Traci does not dress as a superhero, she nearly has the strength of one. "She is a very active mother," shares Greg. "Traci plans and does lots of things with the kids. She is a compliment in our evergrowing faith."

They have not had a television in twelve years. Instead they like spending time in the outdoors, playing games with friends and building their home in the country. Traci comments, "We don't miss TV. We have so much freedom without it. Besides, we would not have built our house if we had a TV!"

The Faxons have traveled to some unique places such as Hawaii, Europe and St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. Recently they got back from Disney World. Abbi and Gillen are in the process of putting together their Disney World scrapbooks. And for all of you who like a storybook ending – Greg and Traci have been to the Swiss Alps and have seen the original simmental cattle that brought them together...*sigh*.

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