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Around Our Town...Business Spotlight

2 Doors Down

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07/01/2006 - by Jennifer Sardam

Over one year ago, Casper resident Sharon Holladay saw the need for a unique clothing shop in town. She says 2 Doors Down began as a full-time hobby to keep her busy.

The initial plan was short-lived, however, as the store quickly grew in size and evolved into what Sharon describes as a "different concept of consignment."

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"It's been much more than I ever anticipated," says the local business owner, who envisions the store as a place that "gives women from all walks of life an opportunity to shop."

Specializing in a variety of new and nearly new items, 2 Doors Down includes everything from designer labels to bargain finds. "We sell everything," Sharon emphasizes, "from beautiful $300 wedding dresses and formals to 50-cent dresses; and my basement's always 75 percent off."

With numerous additions from over 500 consignors since Holladay set up shop, along with her commitment to always provide customers "something new," 2 Doors Down is never boring.

Sharon maintains a balance between the variety and consistency she knows her customers expect. "I keep this really full," she explains, gesturing across the colorful array of inventory. "I do a sale every week, because I think women like exciting things."

Around the shop, Sharon's a one-woman show. "I love dealing with the customers," she comments. And it's easy to see, as she extends a warm greeting here and there, while taking the time to assist and point out new items on display.

As she keeps a presence in the store, husband Jim "Doc" Holladay itemizes all of the clothing consignors drop off at the small building in back.

This is the couple's second time as Casper residents. The two former defense industry employees spent years working in places from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. and Thailand -- and retirement brought them back to stay. "Our hearts are in Casper," Sharon says.

Entrepreneurial spirit seems to run in the family. One week after the Holladays made Casper their home, their daughter Brenda Hurless and her husband Rock Hurless joined them, leaving their home in Montana. Soon after, Rock opened a Car Wash Guys franchise that provides mobile cleaning and detailing while Brenda recently opened My 2nd Kitchen.

Although they came here to retire, the enthusiastic Sharon jokes that she is not ready to be a "stay-at-home" type. She is truly in her element at 2 Doors Down, and she believes the store fills as much a need for her as it does for shoppers.

Consignors to Sharon's establishment also get an added benefit above the usual process of most consignment-only shops. "They know they are going to get a check for every item that sells in the store [after the sale]," remarks Sharon, "even if it takes a year [to sell]." At 2 Doors Down, consignors receive payment for 50 percent of an item's selling price.

In addition to clothing, Sharon offers an ever-changing selection of purses, jewelry, shoes and other accessories.

Why "2 Doors Down?" Every now and then, curiosity gets the best of someone. Sharon smiles at the question. "In the 1970s, Dolly Parton had a song called 'Two Doors Down,'" she says, automatically beginning to recount the upbeat lyrics. Suddenly it's plain to see what keeps her so passionate about this business in the community. Despite the exchanges of clothing and cash and the everyday interactions with customers and suppliers, it's hard to see where the hobby ends and the work begins.

2 Doors Down is located at

1432 East 2nd Street.

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