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Around Our Town...If These Walls Could Talk

Finding your personal style in home decorating

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07/01/2006 - Julie York

Window & Wall Gallery

"By nature most people are cattle--- following trends directly to slaughter…" bemoans designer/author Kathleen Stoehr. While that is not a flattering statement, most of us must admit to having been fashion branded at some point in our lives. Perhaps it was flower power, hot pink and lime green in the 60's, or all that earthy avocado and burnt orange in the 70's. It could have been cutesy ducks and geese, country rose and blue in the 80's, southwest or dripping in lace Victorian in the 90's. How does one avoid that subtle marketing influence which herds the consumer toward the next home fashion wave?

One's home is usually filled with a conglomerate of objects which reside there for a variety of reasons. Some were gifts or inherited heirlooms. These usually carry with them the emotional weight of needing to honor the giver. Others are relics of our past selves. We may feel a certain loyalty to them , but like our old baby shoes, they no longer fit. Still others are distasteful mistakes, apparently kept around as some sort of penance. Redecorating begins with elimination.

One friend when redecorating her own home, removed everything for a time. She and her husband then sat on milk crates and considered what they truly wanted and needed. When boxing up the things removed, she categorized the items. The first category was 'should never have existed'. These were thrown away. The second group 'still usable, but can't stand the sight of it' was given to charity, but not to friends or family. "I didn't want to see my history in my daughter's home" she said. The third category 'no longer me, but hard to part with' was passed on to loved ones. The fourth was labeled 'maybe keepers'. The final items were the essential emotional must haves.

The "must haves" should become the centerpieces of good personal style. Look at your household possessions and find what you truly love. Do you know why you love these things? Part of the process of finding your personal style is simply self-discovery.

An entire room's design can be built around one item. A favorite piece of artwork is perfect as both a focal point and for building a color scheme. Another place to look for inspiration is in one's closet. The things found there reflect their owner's taste and comfort zone. The colors from a well-worn favorite shirt can be used to create a personal space that is equally comfortable.

Once a personal style that truly reflects one's personality is established, the home's décor never goes out of fashion. Cynthia Cornell of the Institute for Color Research wrote "The doorway into the home is the threshold to the family's world. It's important that we are not all the same". As your home becomes a reflection of you, both you and those who love you will find comfort there.

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