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The Assassination -- Part IX

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06/01/2006 - Jonathan knew Elijah and Roy would be able to help him free Jason, but from what he'd overheard from the other side of the hidden door he was trying to get through, he knew he couldn't wait to find them before attempting it himself. He was concerned about them, but he comforted himself with the fact that he knew they were okay. How long that would last, he wasn't sure. He knew that with all of the cameras and defense technology their adversaries posessed it was a miracle they'd made it this far with their lives. Elijah and Roy were no longer on a time-released poison, but that was only one of the many techniques to kill people of which Dr. Maximus seemed to have an unending supply.

Jonathan overheard Jack reference his presence outside the door and just rolled his eyes. He had expected that they would know he was there, but he couldn't put his finger on how he felt about it. It caused him fear, but he was so far past fear after all of the "near misses" he'd had. It caused him anger, but he was so far past angry after all Dr. Maximus had already done. It caused him discouragement, but not despair as he knew there was always hope, and he felt helpless as he knew that the only reason any of the attempts he'd made at helping the others had been succesful was because Dr. Maximus was acting so strangely. Jonathan didn't understand. He had been told that Maximus would kill him the very next chance he got. Jonathan was concerned that as soon as this "merciful streak" ended they would all be dead, but he saw no point in giving up now; he'd come so far.

A hand firmly grasped his shoulder,causing him to start, but when he turned around it was only Roy, with Elijah close behind. The two of them joined Jon in plastering their ears to the wall to eavesdrop on the enemy. Their gratitude to Jon was unspoken, but very real as they put off personal greetings for Jason's sake.

They could hear two people moving around, presumably Maximus and Jack preparing their weapon of choice.

"I always say I'm going to kill people, Jack, but how often do I follow through?" Maximus was saying.

"Only when they threaten your authority and power," Jack's voice replied.


"But that would mean Jonathan and his friends. Why haven't you killed them?"

"That would mean Jonathan, not his friends. You know why I haven't killed him."


"Why do you think you got into so much trouble with me for trying to slit his wrist last time he was here?"

More silence.

"Do you remember? When I disarmed the gun? It had already grown to it's final stage and was fixed on it's target. With such a long straight hallway there's no question that he would have been hit had I not arrived on time."

"I know why I got in so much trouble, because you wanted to have the satisfaction of defeating him when he was in his own element. You said you changed your mind, though."

"There's another reason I let him go."


"Because when it was revealed that I am the one who caused Jonathan Moore's assassination in front of an entire crowd where no one expected it or saw what caused it, I will wield so much more power. Everyone will greatly fear me."

Jonathan was experiencing sensory overload himself.

Being assassinated in front of a crowd of people was a lot to wrap his head around. He had formulated a plan to help Jason though, so he used it to keep himself in the present. His hand was under his coat so that no one could see that he was programming the yellow mouse.

Inside the hidden room, the conversation continued. "So why are you killing Jason?" Jack inquired.

"He knows every deep secret of the inner workings of this organization. If anyone can threaten me, it's him. Even Jonathan is not a great and terrible threat. Now by what you are about to see, you know better than to challenge me, don't you?"

Jack's response was unheard, but it was presumed by our heroes to be a nod of the head.

Within minutes, though to Jonathan it still did not seem soon enough, he had figured out what he needed to know about the mouse, now that he had a better idea of what to expect out of Maximus' toys. "Be prepared," he whispered to his comrades, "This is going to happen really fast." He pushed the button on the mouse and all of the sudden, Jason was in their midst. They heard exclamations of surprise from inside the room, but only for a moment, because with one more push of a button, Jonathan, Elijah, Roy and Jason were all back in Elijah's living room.

"Anna!" Elijah exclaimed once he got his bearings. "Call 911! I have a seriously injured man out here."

Anna rushed out of the kitchen with the phone already to her ear. "Who is it?" she said, fearing it was Roy or Jonathan.

"He risked his life to save us all." Roy said as she stood over the four men. "And I think he can help us."

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