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Around Our Town...Casper's Cool Kids

Ashlee Belveal

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06/01/2006 - "Ashlee is trustworthy," says mom, Michele Belveal of her thirteen-year-old daughter. "She's trustworthy in making decisions.

We all would agree that a trustworthy person is a gem to find, and as we interviewed Ashlee and Michele for this column, we found there is much more about Ashlee that makes her a gem.

Ashlee volunteered to babysit her neighbor's children while their mother was taken to the emergency room for a broken foot. Even though the job lasted until 1:30 AM, Ashlee was happy to help. "I like babysitting," Ashlee says. "I like playing with the kids." (We also found out that her neighbors foot is healing well.)

Ashlee volunteers with the children's program, AWANA, at her church, and is enthusiastic about participating in "church workdays", when the congregation of her home church, College Heights Baptist, all chip in to get a project done. The most recent project they tackled was fixing up and painting the school they have purchased. "It's fun because you get to work with people you know. It's nice to work with friends."

Some of Ashlee's interests include swimming, bike riding, snowboarding and pet-sitting. She loves horses, and she played volleyball on a homeschool team, the Storms, at the boys and girls club.

Ashlee tells us she enjoys homeschooling because if she wakes up early, she can get her school finished early.

A very musically talented young lady, Ashlee is in the orchestra at Casper Classical Academy. She plays the piano, the violin and sings soprano. "Music is fun and entertaining," says Ashlee.

Ashlee participated in a competition related to History Day. Having competed at the district level, she qualified for the state level. Receiving second there, she is the only person from Natrona County who qualifies for the national competition! Congratulations, Ashlee!

"I like math and science, but I don't enjoy history as much," Ashlee shares, "History Day is really cool because it made history fun for me."

To compete, Ashlee had to perform a monologue script, written by herself, and write an anotated bibliography and process paper. The theme of this years event was "taking a stand", so Ashlee invented a character who was a newlywed wife during the era of World War 1. "It was about how she sacrificed and stepped out to work. It showed how everyone on the home front took a stand to support our troops."

Great job, Ashlee. Thanks for all your help to the community, and good luck at the nationals!!!

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