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Around Our Town...Business Spotlight

Paradise Valley Country Club

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06/01/2006 - Our featured business is "a community place within the community". It is a place to golf, dine, unwind and meet lifelong friends. Our featured business is Paradise Valley Country Club.

This golf course offers many great features such as tree-lined fairways, great sandy soil, shelter from the wind and eighteen challenging holes on well-maintained greens. The nine founders who established this course fifty years ago thought it out well.

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New co-owners, John Roth and Mike Propp, are working to bring out more of the country club's potential. John, with years of experience building and maintaining golf courses around the United States, has goals for this course. "I'm working at installing an irrigation system, planting more trees and digging a lake," says John.

Mike, with years of experience in the public relations side of golf courses, has installed a new computer system and recently remodeled their golf shop. Mike shares his two-fold vision for Paradise Valley Country Club. "John and I will give one hundred percent to provide our community an enjoyable game of golf and provide a relaxing place for family and friends to enjoy each other."

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Paradise Valley Country Club provides an educational Junior Golf Program for children, ages six to eighteen. Their mini golf school consists of six tuesdays and two tournaments. Children will have the opportunity to learn golf skills and etiquette. "We not only want to help children become better golfers, we want to help them become better people, too," says Mike.

Aside from their Junior Golf Program, they provide a Men's Day, Ladies' Day, Junior's Day and Couple's Night. There is always something enjoyable to anticipate.

In the clubhouse, talented chef Kevin Robertson provides tasty daily specials. All three meals are served. Whether eating steak and eggs or enjoying excellent soup and salad, one can't help but feel a bit pampered sitting at a nicely set table with fine plates, cloth napkins and fancy salad forks.

On the course, the golfer can enjoy the view of Casper Mountain, our big open sky and a sense of privacy as well. Attractive homes frame the holes, giving the greens a homey feeling. It is the perfect place to leave problems behind.

John makes every effort to use organic procedures as much as possible. "We want to insure a long future for Paradise Valley," shares John.

A family of owls lives on the course. Squirrels and rabbits scamper about. Gulls and eagles soar overhead. Deer winter here. It is an environmentally friendly place.

Paradise Valley Country Club contributes to our community in two distinct ways. "We are striving to enhance the value of Paradise Valley. We also want to bring a meaningful experience at a very affordable price," says Mike.

For those interested in becoming a part of Paradise Valley's close-knit club, you may contact John or Mike at 234-9146 or 237-3673.

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