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The Spears

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06/01/2006 - Featured in our three-generational cover photo is Pastor John Spear Sr., John Spear Jr. and Isaac John Spear. They enjoy the fresh Wyoming air, relaxing and having fun.

Our featured grandpa or "Boppa" (Isaac's name for Pastor John) is the pastor of Highland Park Community Church located on East Second Street. Pastor John's grandfather introduced him to fishing when he was four-years-old. Together they wrestled bluegill and sunfish out of his grandfather's pond in New York.

Pastor John's "most prized catch" has been his wife, Suzon, "Sweet Sue" he calls her at times, and sweet she is. "She has been a devoted mom all of her life. Even during financially meager years, she stayed at home to care for our children," shares Pastor John. For the past six years, Suzon has been actively involved in Women in the Word, a community Bible study for women held at Highland Park. She has a tender heart for people and natural teaching skills.

Our featured cover dad, John Spear Jr., is one of Pastor John and Suzon's four children. John, a pharmaceutical sales representative for Wyoming, is "easy going" and a "funny storyteller and jokester", relates his dad. John "lured" his wife, Rachel with his charm. "He is terribly charming," conveys Rachel. She adds, "He is so easy to like." It will be their tenth wedding anniversary on June twenty-second. How will they celebrate? Like always, they'll fish!

Our cover boy, Isaac, John and Rachel's three-and-a-half-year-old son, has many physical traits and character traits like his dad and "Boppa". Isaac is "spunky, thoughtful, meticulous and fun," describes his mother. Isaac is a big brother to his twenty-month-old sister, Ella.

Since Isaac is still quite young, he prefers dabbling in creeks and ponds. Pastor John and John Jr. like to spin cast, fly fish and troll in a boat. Even though their last name is Spear, they do not spearfish. They are true Wyomingites.

Pastor John brought his family to Casper in nineteen ninety and became the Senior Pastor of Highland Park Community Church. The Spears like living here. "It is a tremendous place to raise children," says Pastor John. He adds, "Casper has good schools, friendly people with a strong, independent spirit and the resources of what a city of 200,000 would have to offer."

Pastor John and John Jr., happy Father's Day! And happy Father's Day to all the dads of our community!

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