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Around Our Town...June Greetings

Bill Demery
06/01/2006 - As Father's Day approaches, I have been reflecting on the fathers in my life and all the things they've taught me. My own dad, Bill Demery, taught me that "You can do just about anything you set your mind to." He encouraged me to think positively and never give up. He also taught me much about science.

John Elmore (click for larger version)
My father-in-law, Don Mizell, taught me that mercy triumphs over judgement and that worry is not only unproductive but counterproductive. By example, he taught me that love conquers and that positive people are fun to be around.

Both of these dad's love to tell jokes and if you spend much time around them you will learn their entire repertoire...BY HEART!!!

Another dad in my life is my wonderful husband, the father of my children. He has always taken good care of us, protecting and providing for us. He has taught me how important it is to stop and enjoy each day, appreciating it as a gift and that it is good to play. In today's world we tend to forget that. He has also taught me the value of touch.

Joe Mizell, Grace & Gabriel (click for larger version)
I also have an "adopted" dad, John Elmore, whom I respect tremendously. He doesn't say much but what he says is always marked with much wisdom. He tells me, "It will be alright, Mary," which is exactly what I need to hear. Somehow he understands that. And you know what...it always is!

Here's to all you dads who quietly go through life setting wonderful examples for your children.

Don Mizell
Above all, I honor and thank my Heavenly Father, the greatest Father of all.

Thanks for your strength; thanks for your hard work taking care of us; thanks for all you've taught us; thanks for being steadfast in a world where you can't even get a human being on the telephone. We look up to you...we love and appreciate you. Happy Father's Day!

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June Greetings
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