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Chronic Pain Part 2

05/01/2006 - Hello again, I hope you are all getting out and enjoying the better weather. We are continuing with our series about dealing with chronic pain issues without the heavy reliance of over-the-counter pain medications.

Our first component in this plan is exercise. Exercise is not an over-whelming physical task; it is an overwhelming mental task. Just about anybody in any situation can benefit from some form of physical exercise. Remember God made us for moving, not sitting around. Why exercise? If you have a chronic pain from an injury the supporting structures will always need attention. Also, you want to maintain integrity by not allowing the areas near the injured tissue to deteriorate. So stretching and strengthening is important to the area so as to maintain proper blood flow so vital nutrients can get to tissues as well as keeping the tissues their proper length. If you have any chronic condition, exercise is a must in maintaining your weight is so you don't add any more stress to an already stressful situation.

First get together with your chiropractor, medical doctor, or physical therapist. Determine what form of exercise you may initially like to try. I am sure your initial program will always involve stretching. I am amazed how many physically active people do not stretch and boy do they whine something fierce about it when told to do it. Whatever form of physical exercise you do, please follow the instructions recommended. Again modification may be needed. Don't complain that you can't do any exercise because the type of exercise you did may have aggravated things and therefore assume you have an excuse not to do it. There are other forms of physical exercise such as swimming, biking, Pilate's, yoga, weights, exercise ball, resistant bands, etc. If you don't get around too well, there are floor exercises that can be modified for you to do. Can't stand, well try a recumbent bicycle. If it hurts to use that arm or leg, the other joints could benefit from exercise. The idea is to start getting your body moving and getting the blood moving around a little. Get your body's endorphins kicking in which is great for pain relief. There is so much out there in terms of different programs. If you want to help yourself you must make an effort to start this. There is no magic pill that you can take that will not have a negative impact upon your body.

Now remember this is not going to be easy and results aren't going to be immediate. Some programs will need tweaking and, yes, you will miss some sleeping time or TV time when doing your program. Sorry! Remember this is only one component for dealing with chronic pain. There will be other components we will discuss later. One last comment about exercising is that when you finish you may be a little sore or stiff. Don't go to the medicine cabinet for the pain reliever! Use some ice or a little heat and some stretching. Remember to start easy. Let your body adjust to the activity. Well gotta go now. I have to get my walking in. Until next time....

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