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The Lower Family

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05/01/2006 - by Tami Watts

Our featured husband and wife, Bob and Theresa Lower, met in Casper on a blind date. True love can begin here!

Bob was born and raised in Casper. Theresa came from Nebraska. Both of them love the wide open spaces of Wyoming.

Bob is an avid motorcyclist. He has a collection of six motorbikes. Theresa describes him as a "kind, forgiving, generous, dedicated self-employed structural engineer".

Theresa is passionate about gardening, is a school volunteer and a part of a reading book club. Her kids see her as "the mom who makes sure we all do what needs to be done." Theresa helps her busy family run smoothly.

Bob and Theresa have three children. Their son, Bud, is thirteen and their daughters, Kelly and Lily, are eleven and eight.

Bud is a witty and hard working student. He is a passionate saxaphone player, (Watch out Kenny G!). He is also a black belt in Tae Kwan Do.

Kelly is compassionate. She loves animals. Theresa appreciates the way sheis a great help in the kitchen and is solid in her spiritual life. "She is our observer and 'can do' child," states Theresa.

Lily, their "happy go lucky girl", loves to play outside. She says, "My favorite time is bedtime, when Mom and Dad read to me and we laugh about our day."

The Lowers describe themselves as, "funny and crazy, a family that loves to have a good time". If you hear a passionate saxaphone or a series of laughs at Alcova or on Casper Mountain, look around. It just might be the Lowers, our fun-loving featured family.

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