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Around Our Town...Business Spotlight

Rocky Mountain Carpet One

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05/01/2006 - by Tami Watts

It is no longer necessary to visit an art gallery or museum to experience artistic beauty. You can find it at Rocky Mountain Carpet One!

Our featured business is located at 1540 East 2nd St, next to La Costa Grill. It is independetly owned by Jack Simms, giving the store a nice family-oriented atmosphere. It is also a flagship company of CCA Global Partners that can purchase carpeting at substantial discounts, savings that are passed on to their customers.

Rocky Mountain Carpet One provides a large variety of carpets, hardwoods, laminate and tiles in classic, casual and sophisticated styles. "We work at matching the style of flooring and warranties to our customer's needs", expresses owner Jack Simms. By providing a Selectafloor system with carpets such as Lees for Living and the Good Housekeeping collection, one can choose among many colors, textures and ornate patterns.

In his ten years of ownership, Jack and his dedicated staff of Jay, Tomie, Donna and Dan have established trust with their customers. "We are here for our customers, before and after a purchase and installation. We are here for the long haul."

Jack not only wants his customers to be satisfied with their flooring and service, he also wants to see our youth succeed. "I like to see kids participating and excelling in academics and athletics," he shares. One of his walls in the store is full of plaques and photos reflecting his long term commitment to our youth.

Jack's wife Toni, "a great lady", is tremendously supportive of his efforts in the store and in the community. "She's a great match for me," says Jack with a smile. They have five children and nine grandchildren. Their son, Jay, and daughter-in-law, Tomie, are part of their staff.

Jack likes the way Casper is diversified in cultural, athletic and outdoor activities. "I'm here to stay. This is where I want to be."

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