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Family Fun at the Casper Speedway

05/01/2006 - "There are a lot of options in Casper on Friday nights (Cavalry Games, movies, theatre, etc.)... Coming to the races is something you'll never forget," says Steve Schicketanz, racing competitor and owner of Magic City Stoves.

"It's amazing what it does to strengthen a family," adds Amy Schicketanz, Steve's wife of nearly 17 years and Casper Speedway Association Board of Directors member. "There is a father/son team who compete in the hobby class. They build their own car together. And there's a husband/wife team who compete in Mod 4 class." May 12th is "family night" and anyone under eighteen-years-old is admitted free when accompanied by an adult.

Nascar racing is currently the number one sport, according to nascar.com, so what better way to relate to your children than enjoying this exciting event together? If you aren't already a fan, you probably will be by the end of the night.

The Casper Speedway Association also desires to offer a safe alternative to the drag racing that goes on nearby at Amoco Rd. "If kids really want to race and give me a call, I will figure it out," says Amy. Clearly, the association cares about our Casper young people.

The Casper Speedway has been around since the early 80's and is owned by the city of Casper. Every three years it goes up for lease and last December, a board of directors was elected. The Casper Speedway Association is a non-profit organization. The priorities are drivers and spectators -- not pocketbooks.

Drivers come from all over for racing events, but competitors from Gilette and Casper in particular enjoy a good-natured rivalry.

Casper may look forward to an exciting new season, due to several improvements this year. Special thanks to JTL, COC and Hedquist Construction for their help and support. The speedway's twenty-five-year-old track was dug up and the "Volkswagen-sized" potholes were repaired. Six inches of new clay now covers the track.

With dirt track racing, (the kind of racing you will find at the Casper Speedway) there is added excitement when dry slick occurs. In Casper this occurs fairly frequently, and the effect on the track is similar to driving on solid ice.

If you are interested in a particular class of racing, you will be able to find it here. All nine classes race at the track -- and if all of this is a foreign language, we can fill you in!

LATE MODELS -- High end fast models

A MODIFIEDS -- 8 cylinder modified engine open wheel race car

B MODIFIEDS -- Similar to A Mods, slightly slower

MOD 4 -- 4 cylinder open-wheeled modified

SUPER STOCKS -- Street cars with modifications for racing

STREET STOCKS -- Similar to Super Stocks

HOBBY STOCKS -- Great class to start out with, you build the car!

MINI STOCKS -- 4 cylinder American-made race car with roll cage

DWARF CARS -- Tiny cars that run off a motorcycle engine

...Anything catch your eye?

One of Casper's own racers, seventeen-year-old Shawn Reed from Kelly Walsh High School, is going for the Street Stock title. He will be competing in sixty races across Wyoming, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Good luck, Shawn!!!

Be sure to bring the whole family out to this exciting event! The Casper Speedway track is located just east of the Events Center. Adult admission is $10.00, student ID and seniors are $5.00 and everyone under twelve is FREE!

Racing is at 7pm on most every Friday night from now through Sept. 29. They'll skip May 26th and June 30th but race on both July 3rd and 4th. Call 473-1016 ext. 305 for more information or visit their website at www.casperspeedway.net.

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