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Casper Re-Entry Center

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04/01/2006 - The term "rewarding" may not be the first to come to mind when asked to describe spending time in a correctional facility, but just ask employees of the Casper Re-Entry Center (CRC) to describe their employment and this word is heard repeatedly. Carla Bushong explains, "My employment at the CRC is very rewarding. Working with the inmate population—seeing residents complete our program, become self sufficient in the community, and take pride in what they have achieved—has been gratifying."

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The CRC is a residential substance abuse treatment and work-release facility that provides services to individuals referred by the Wyoming Department of Corrections and the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The program is operated by Community Education Centers (CEC), a company dedicated to providing the treatment, education, and services needed to empower residents to assume an active role in developing pro-social lifestyles. The objective of the CRC is to break the cycle of criminal behavior by altering negative thinking patterns and reinforcing positive social behavior.

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The CRC is able to achieve its goal of reducing recidivism because of the inspiration, dedication, and professionalism of its staff. CEC strives to hire locally to staff its facilities and recruits individuals from diverse backgrounds. Staff are provided comprehensive training, opportunities for advancement, and attractive benefits. Dulci Garcia, a CRC employee, testifies, "The health benefits, as well as the

401k retirement plan, are some of the best in the state."

The goal of the CEC hiring process is to place individuals into positions that will prove most beneficial to the resident population and provide the employee with a sense of personal satisfaction. New hires are closely matched to the program they are assigned to in order to ensure that their skills and interests are best utilized. Jim Piro found that his skills and interests were best matched in the role of Deputy Director of the Therapeutic Community program at the CRC. "I relocated from New Jersey to Casper to open up the Therapeutic Community, and I love the atmosphere and environment that this facility and town have to offer. I also love the fact that I get to see the finished product and watch these men turn their lives around and go home to lead productive lives."

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For more information about employment at one of Community Education Centers 17 locations, including the CRC, please visit www.cecintl.com or contact Erin Turtle, Recruitment Manager at

973-226-2900 x268.

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