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The Tony and Carrie Silveira Family

04/01/2006 - by Tami Watts

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A Lodi Grape Festival in California changed the lives of our featured husband and wife, Tony and Carrie Silveira. "We went different directions and both came back with a foster care flyer. We knew it was meant to be," says Tony.

Tony and Carrie each came from big families. They desired a big family of their own but were only able to have one biological son. Fostering children has fulfilled their desire and has given them purpose.

Tony and Carrie cannot picture life apart from foster parenting. "I love doing foster care," shares Carrie. "I'm not afraid to take the sickly babies. It's not easy but it works for us."

Tony, being the very "outdoorsy" kind of guy he is, fills their freezer with Wyoming deer and elk meat. Carrie shops twice a week to restock their food pantry. She does a lot of home cooking. They save eating out for very special occassions.

On their fridge is a color coded calendar. "Each child has his or her own color," explains Carrie. This calendar helps remind them of doctor appointments and their various activities.

Carrie has so much to say about her family. Following is a summary of each child.

NIKO, their only biological child, is a very outgoing and compassionate sophomore at Kelly Walsh High School. He swims on the KW Swim Team, plays piano and violin, and speaks Spanish and Japanese. "Niko is a real team player at home, always jumping in to help when he knows it's a crazy day," Carrie notes.

AMANDA, their wavy-brown-haired sixteen-year-old is like a "first born daughter" to them. This "very kind hearted" young lady has experienced the effects of having a biological mother on meth. She is using her experience to inform others about this harmful drug. If you had attended the Meth Conference here in January, you would have seen Amanda in a video production.

Tony and Carrie became the legal guardians of Mary Tomlinson in Mary's senior year at KW. She is now a Freshman in the Pre-Pharmacy program at UW. Mary has survived two major car accidents. Carrie's comment: "God must have some big plans for our Mary."

"Adorable" DUSTY is a wonderful and brave six-year-old kindergartener with big brown eyes and glasses. The Silveiras fostered him from the time he was seventeen months old and adopted him in March of 2005. Dusty was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. He has come a long way. Dusty loves the outdoors, especially outdoor slides. Carrie sums him up this way: "He is small but mighty!"

"KAY KAY" just turned three. They have been fostering her for two years and would love to adopt her. She is their "beautiful princess" with blonde ringlets. She is Carrie's shadow, especially on laundry day.

Last June Tony and Carrie began fostering twin girls. Danielle and Kristine are "mirror twins". They have recently completed the adoption process and are delighted. The girls love twirly dresses, camping, hiking and playing outside. "The twins are the missing pieces in our family," Carrie shares.

Tony and Carrie will celebrate their twentieth anniversary in December. They are true team players. "He's awesome," exclaims Carrie. "He changes diapers, trades off with middle of the night feedings and tries to get to any baby in a room before me."

The Silveiras are glad they made a two year plan to move from California to Wyoming six years ago. Tony enjoys his work. "Going to work for Eagle Electric was the best move that I ever made. I look forward to going to work everyday because I work with a great group of guys." Casper is the very place they want to raise their children. "It's so family oriented here," Carrie shares.

Will the Silveira family foster more children? It's possible. After Tony and Carrie saw the movie, "Cheaper By The Dozen", Tony commented, "We can take more."

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