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The Assassination - Part VII

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03/01/2006 - Jonathan pretended not to hear whoever it was that called him. He knew that getting himself worked up would not help at all. Inside, he felt the urgency of the situation, but outside he remained calm and examined the yellow mouse some more. Elijah had said he thought it was a transporter of some kind and Jonathan hoped against hope that it could get him out of the predicament in which he found himself. If Elijah had really examined it as much as Anna indicated, then Jon knew the odds were against him. Elijah was so brilliant. It was hard for Jonathan to fathom that anyone could figure it out if he couldn't. Still, it being the best of all his options, he thought he'd better at least attempt it,.considering there was nowhere to hide, he had a pretty weak case to try and talk himself out of the situation and he wasn't the best at fighting. Right before he had heard the man call him, he'd noticed something that sparked his curiosity on the underside of the mouse, so he flipped it over to get a closer look. Just as he remembered, there was a small shape printed there. At first it just looked like a dot, but under closer scrutiny Jonathan saw it was shaped like a hand. He squinted and rubbed his finger over it. The mouse lit up and began to vibrate, "Unauthorized DNA code!" it said. Quickly he pulled his hand away and looked around, figuring his pursuer must have caught up by now, but there was no one in sight. Jonathan put his finger over the mark one more time, assuming that if it was going to give him away, it already had. This time, the mouse just said, "Code accepted, please state your destination."

Jonathan leaned in toward the mouse and whispered, "Inside the Chandler Building," in an almost questioning tone. Within seconds, that's where he was. Jonathan was more amazed than he'd pretty much ever been and wished he could take more time to examine the incredible contraption, but, oddly enough, he wasn't even tempted to, knowing Elijah and Roy were in danger. He began to make his way down the long white hallway where he'd found himself. He walked and walked, but he didn't even see any doorways. This is getting me nowhere he thought.

Suddenly he was grabbed from behind and pulled into a side room. Jonathan wondered how he'd managed to walk right past an entire room. Any irregularity in the walls would have really stuck out, considering that everything was a spotless white. But he forgot all about that when he saw who it was that had grabbed him.

Elijah and Roy had resigned themselves to what they thought was inevitable. They were passing the time praying, and just wishing they could contact their families to say goodbye, but the minutes were ticking past and there was no sign of anyone returning to even allow them a goodbye over the phone. They were growing weaker and weaker. With no clocks in the room, they had no idea how much time they had left to live, but they knew it couldn't be very long.

"Jonathan, I need you to help me."

"How did you know who I am?" Jonathan asked, wary and afraid it could be a trap, but relieved that the man in black appeared to have no immediate intentions of hurting him.

"Your DNA code was flashing all over my computer monitor a moment ago. I was the one who approved it when I saw it was you. I have your two friends just two doors down the hall."

Jonathan started up, but the man held him back. "This is an emergency, Jonathan. They've been poisoned and they only have about twenty minutes to live."


"Please, Jonathan, you have to stay calm. You have to help me fix this."

"What do you need me to do?"

"The only reversal is one only Dr. Maximus knows, I need to try and figure it out. I need you to do anything and everything that I ask. I just need someone to be on my side and cover for me."

"Why are you helping us?"

"I was Dr. Maximus' right hand man, and number one follower, until today. It wasn't until I was talking to your friends that I realized how blinded I'd been. Dr. Maximus is such a tyrant. I'm not sure why I ever thought he'd make a good world ruler, when I fear for my life every time I cross him with my job."

"You're taking a substantial risk, Sir."

"You have no idea, but we need to get moving."

"Sir, I would actually suggest that we involve Roy and Elijah in this, they're two of the most brilliant men I know."

"There are surveillance cameras in every room."

"There's no way you could fix that?"

The man in black thought for a moment. At length, he replied, "Actually, I think I know something we can do. Follow me! And try not to let anyone see your face up close. As yet, Dr. Maximus doesn't know you're here." The two men crept out into the hallway and down two doors, which Jonathan couldn't have found if his life depended on it. He watched as his newfound friend rewired the camera and explained to him that it would now be showing the video clip of the last five minutes over and over. "Now we can go in," he said.

Elijah and Roy were relieved to see Jonathan, and it took him a couple of minutes to convince them that the man with him was on their side. Dr. Maximus' former partner was trying to figure out how to get the black box to reverse it's effects.

"I noticed something strange earlier when you were using that," Elijah said, "turn it over."

On the bottom there was a black mark just like the one Jonathan had found on the yellow mouse. The man in black looked disappointed. "I really hoped you were onto something there. All of our gadgets have those. It's a DNA code system. When you run your finger over it and then push the buttons in the right order it releases the poison, but if it doesn't approve your code, it does nothing."

"When you ran your finger over it, red letters came on right above it that said, 'Code unauthorized for reversing effect. Box effect in

progress.' "

The man in black appeared to be deep in thought. "That probably means the only thing holding us back from reversing the effect is unauthorization. There's apparently no big secret to getting the poison reversed. I can authorize myself to reverse the effect, but only from Dr. Maximus' own computer."

"Then go!" the three others said in unison.

"I need something to draw Dr. Maximus away from his computer. He only get's off when there is a trespasser or other form of emergency or he's on a mission to another time or place."

Without hesitation, Jonathan said, "I'm a trespasser, use me."

"But, Jonathan, you could get yourself killed!" Roy exclaimed.

"Maybe, but that's a risk I'm willing to take."

Roy and Elijah looked at each other, knowing how important it was that they protect Jonathan Moore. "But you can't go, Jonathan, He's planning your --" Elijah was cut off by Jonathan.

"I said that's a risk I'm willing to take. We don't have much time," then, turning to the man in black, "What do you need me to do?"

As soon as they left the room, Elijah turned to Roy. "Max seems so wrapped up in Jonathan, do you suppose that a rebellion would not even arise if Jon never served his term?"

"Regrettably, I do suppose that," Roy replied.

"What would a world with Dr. Maximus leading be like?"

"We might rather just stick with the black box than find out."

Continued next month...

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