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03/01/2006 - Before my husband and I moved to Wyoming, we attended college, met, and worked in the Seattle area. I remember walking the boardwalk with my hubby and watching the beautiful sailboats drift along Lake Washington. I remember dancing with a fluttering kite along Lake Union, and on one of our anniversaries trying to eat Chinese take-out in our canoe. (It is easier to eat an egg roll in a rocking canoe than it is to eat Chinese noodles...believe me!) The Seattle breezes created special memories for us.

In the years we were out there, nothing compared to the windy "Inagural Storm". (The storm came the day President Clinton was sworn into office for his first term.) A college science professor excitedly toted around his large glass barometer, going through the administration building saying "It's dropping! It's dropping! I've never seen it drop so low! We are in for a big one!" The faculty, staff and I believed him. The flat roof of the administration building never sounded so distressed. Outside tall pine trees arched their tips to the front lawn. People were either sprinting or simply being blown to their cars or other campus buildings.

After the storm passed, broken branches and limbs had to be removed from roadways, parking lots, power lines and endless yards. Some people were fortunate to hang on to their electricity or to lose it only for a few hours. Others had to wait days for power to be restored. It was the conversation at grocery stores, gas stations, coffee shops and boardwalks.

Our fawn pug named Eisley acts like a barometer. He is relaxed and sometimes quite lively when our homefront is happy-go-lucky. But if there is any hint of a stressful tone from anyone, his soft, black ears lower, his little flat head lowers and his curly tail uncurls and lowers as well. If any family member can detect a storm brewing, it is Eisley! He is our family barometer.

While Eisley may be small (we have accidentally tripped over him from time to time), he serves as a big reminder to our family. Rather than get worked up and winded over an issue, we try to resolve it quickly and watch for Eisley's ears, head and tail to perk back up.

Do you have a home barometer? Something or someone to alert you to a potential "storm"? If not, consider getting one. It may help you avoid some disturbing times. You just may want to get a sensitive pug.

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