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Around Our Town...Outstanding Educators

Mrs. Betty Garwood

03/01/2006 - by Tami Watts

Nestled on a hillside, across from CY Junior High, our featured outstanding educator, Mrs. Betty Garwood, teaches a sweet bunch of first and second grade boys and girls. Her students are eager to learn. "They want to learn to work, they want to read and do math, and they want to explore their world. They want to do their work well and be praised.", shares Mrs. Garwood.

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Pastor and Headmaster of Mount Hope Lutheran School, Rev. John Hill, greatly appreciates Mrs. Garwood. "She has been instrumental in starting Mount Hope Lutheran School and forming it into a classical school. She helped develop a curriculum with a thoroughly Christian worldview, high academic expectations, and a complete appreciation of the history, achievements, arts and wisdom of Western Civilization."

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Mrs. Garwood, a graduate of Indiana University, has taught in Wyoming for twenty-four years, the past nine at Mount Hope Lutheran School. "I cannot remember a time when I did not want to be a teacher. When I was a young elementary student, I remember having several 'master' teachers who had a very positive influence on me in regard to my future vocation.", she reflects.

Parent Michelle Schwahn thinks highly of Mrs. Garwood. "Mrs. Garwood offers so much love and encouragement for her students that they can't help but do their best. She is an excellent educator and a true blessing in the lives of her students."

Here are some heartfelt comments from some of her current students. First grader Luke Sorenson shares this, "Mrs. Garwood is a great teacher because she is very patient and when I get hurt she helps me." Catherine Hill, another first grader, makes this point, "I love Mrs. Garwood because she has a loving heart." Second grader Madeline Schwahn likes how Mrs. Garwood makes learning fun and exciting. Logan Martz, also a second grader, appreciates the way she is forgiving. He expresses, "I love her very, very much!"

When asked what is her favorite subject, Mrs. Garwood responds, "It is difficult for me to choose a favorite subject that I teach. When I am teaching reading, I love teaching reading. When I teach mathematics, I am excited about math." Her love for learning spills over to her students. Linda Snyder, a fellow teacher, has witnessed that. "She desires and creates a love of learning in students to thirst for that which is true and beautiful."

Parent Angela Hill trusts Mrs. Garwood. "As a mom, I need to be able to trust the person with whom I leave my children. I can trust Betty Garwood to teach my children actual content and maintain an orderly classroom."

Mrs. Garwood and her family came to Casper nearly twelve years ago. "My husband's job brought us to Casper. He is the President of the Wyoming District, Lutheran Church Missouri Synod." , shares Mrs. Garwood. They have four grown children living in Wyoming, Colorado, and California. In addition, they have two grandchildren.

This outstanding teacher has experienced the warmth of our community. "The city of Casper has certainly welcomed our school into its midst. We have had such positive reaction and feedback from places we have visited or presented choral or oral recitations."

When asked what she would like to have emphasized in this article, Mrs. Betty Garwood shared this statement. "I am only a small part of our school and the one thing that I would emphasize is that we are a classical Lutheran school with Christ at the center. We want our students to be educated from a Christian worldview. We strive for excellence and work toward that goal."

To Mrs. Garwood and Mount Hope Lutheran School, thank you for the ways you contribute to our community. Your labor of love is evident.

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