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Around Our Town...Our Cover Family

The Troy and Julie Pierantoni Family

03/01/2006 - by Tami Watts

"We love Casper. It feels like home here," expresses Julie Pierantoni, the wife and mom of our featured cover family.

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The Pierantoni family purposefully moved back to Wyoming in order to raise their children in a safe community. They appreciate the way people are less hurried than those in a big city. Julie likes the personal connection you can have with a grocery clerk. "It's nice to be greeted by name in the grocery line," she says.

Troy Pierantoni, the husband and dad, is the Engineer Project Manager for Rooney Engineering, a firm based out of Denver. He's been with them for about 11 years. Six years ago he was able to persuade them to let him operate out of Casper.

Troy and Julie were high school sweethearts in Torrington. They will celebrate their 15th anniversary in June. Troy describes Julie as a "great full-time mom, very committed wife and an awesome example of a godly woman." Julie describes Troy as very faithful and loyal". They are the best of friends.

Troy and Julie have 3 children. Jacob, their oldest, is 8 years old. He is a kind-hearted 2nd grader in Mrs. Mona Miller's class at Fort Caspar. "At school he is the kiddo who greets the new children," shares his Mom. Jacob loves to read, play football and draw pictures of people, ships, police dogs and historical places such as Valley Forge. When he grows up he wants to do something big for God.

Josh is 6 years old. "Josh is our comedian. He is our comic relief. He helps us to see the lighter side of life," comments his Mom. Josh is a kindergartner in Mrs. Brus's half-day class at Fort Caspar. This warm, cuddly guy leaves "I love you" notes around the house and loves to read Sandra Boynton books. He is fixing his sights on being a fireman one day.

Beth is a "soft-spirited" 3-year-old sweetheart with "a strong inner spirit". She loves to dance and be in front of people. At age 1 she and Julie took a mommy-tot class at Dance Evolutions. That class prepared Beth for tap. Beth brings joyful pitter patters to her home. When she grows up she wants to be a mommy. And a great mommy she will be! She has a great role model at home and is already modeling those nurturing features with her baby dolls.

Troy and Julie are part of the "Third Option" program at Highland Park Community Church. In this program, they give couples the tools to make their marriage the best it can be. They enjoy a happy marriage and desire that for others. They also facilitate a Highland Park community group in their home on Wednesday nights.

It is a joy to highlight this loving family in Our Town Casper Magazine.

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