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Around Our Town...Outstanding Educators

Mrs. Tulip Titus of St. Anthony Tri – Parish

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02/01/2006 - by Tami Watts

Have you ever moved to a new town during a school year? Mrs. Tulip Titus, the fifth grade teacher for St. Anthony Tri – Parish School, did. She moved with her family from Texas to Casper during her fifth grade year. When Johnathan Rooney from Edmonton Canada joined her class last January, she could identify with him." I clearly remember how I felt when I moved to Casper in the middle of fifth grade," reflects Mrs. Titus.

Johnathan considers Mrs. Titus a "really good teacher" and notes, "She goes out of her way to help you if you fall behind or need help catching up." Kyle Rooney, Johnathan's fourth grade brother, also a student at St. Anthony adds, "She could be the perfect teacher for anyone."

Mrs. Titus is in her twenty-fourth year of teaching. "I love to touch the lives of children. Observing, listening and just being present for children is a sacred priviledge. It is very, very rewarding," says our featured educator with sincerity.

Her husband, Terry Titus, a retired engineer, knows her passion for teaching. "He is 100% supportive of what I do. He helps me grade math papers, helps drive for field trips and enjoys hearing the special stories of the day." Gratitude is detectable in her soothing voice.

They have two grown sons. Their oldest is twenty-nine and he is studying to become a priest. Their youngest son is twenty-seven, is happily married and living in Salt Lake. Both sons benefited by attending St. Anthony.

Principal Cyndy Novotry witnesses how Mrs. Titus's students love her and connect with her on a personal level. "Her former students come back for visits and her future students can't wait to have her," shares Mrs. Novatry.

Current fifth grade student Jayde Parmely finds Mrs. Titus "friendly to everyone" and "very fun". Erin Curtis, another current fifth grade student, considers Mrs. Titus "very nice". In Erin's words Mrs. Titus "pays attention to everyone and she loves church."

When asked what she might like to have emphasized in this article, Mrs. Titus shared this, "I really want to emphasize how blessed I am to teach with the dedicated staff at St. Anthony, we would like to recognize you as being a part of a positive learning center in our community. Keep up the good work!

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