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Simple Acts of Kindness

01/01/2006 - When I was in grade school, my oldest brother, Donny Bob, ten years older than me, would sometimes pick me up after school. Before we headed home in his baby blue Chevy Sport pickup on a lift kit, he would treat me to a cherry-dipped vanilla ice cream cone. Donny Bob would also let me choose a song from his cassettes. I would choose "Still th e One" every time. Yes, this was the seventies.

I remember one particular afternoon he said he had a new song for me. He punched his new cassette into his player and sang along with it, throwing me a smile from time to time. The song was "You're Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady". My big brother treated me like a little lady. He made me feel like his special little sis.

To make someone feel special does not need to be a complicated matter. Through simple acts of kindness one can feel loved and appreciated. My three children remind me of this often by hugging my legs, coloring a picture for me, or wanting to include me in their play or reflective thoughts.

It is easy to get too busy and become distracted. It is easy to overlook moments when we can brighten a loved one's countenance with a genuine smile, an unexpected hug or offering a helping hand. If we stop from time to time to share acts of kindness, we can reap positive results. We can feel connected with those in our lives. We can experience a joy and settledness in our homes.

Simple acts of kindness are like simple-looking flower seeds being given water and sunshine. Though their appearance may be insignificant, their yield is amazing!

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