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Around Our Town...If These Walls Could Talk

Bring the Outdoors In

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01/01/2006 - Now that the holidays are over and we are all settling into 2006, many of us begin to look around our homes and see those projects we never accomplished last year, or that room we swore to redecorate still looking the same as it did 5 years ago. Upon seeing all of this we become determined to make a change, but once again become stuck on where to begin.

One of the best ideas I've ever seen to kick off the beginnings of new décor, is to bring the outside in. So what does that mean? Well living out here in the west we have all heard of, and maybe even have, the cowboy or western flare in our homes. This design is an all time favorite. To enhance this décor, deep reds, rusty siennas and earthy greens make a room jump to life. Furniture made from lodge pole pine accents all the colors of the west as well as bringing in the rustic feel of the outdoors. Lodge Pole decor can vary from furniture pieces such as a large sofa or bed to something as small as a frame hanging on your wall. Other types of accents can include cut logs for pillars in corners and barn wood boards for walls.

And how about adding a little modernization to our western/outdoor design. Easy!!! Simply look to the metals for help. Many of today's furniture and home décor stores carry a large array of metal based accents. End tables with legs made from iron, sandblasted a rich earthy brown create an uncommon way to add class to the west while metal artwork becomes an excellent way to fill odd places on your walls. Leathers and suedes used for pillows, throws, or cushions continue to enhance this modern rustic feel.

For a truly unique focal point in a room, display a bronze sculpture. Who wouldn't like the richness, the radiance and class a bronze brings to a room? Also decorate walls with custom framed prints or canvasses that help say who you are.

Adding accent pieces such as terra cotta pottery and hand woven rugs also helps. And don't be afraid of color!! 2006 color trends are bright bold colors such as deep purples, rich reds and brilliant oranges.

Be sure to have fun when decorating in this theme. The beauty with this design is what makes it so unique. Nothing you do can be wrong. Take a walk through the prairie or visit the mountain trails and take your inspiration from Mother Nature. After all, the entire West has always been known for its Majestic Mountains and glorious valleys!!

So whether it's one room or your entire home, bringing the outdoors in and creating the warm feel of the west will quickly become not only your favorite theme, but that of your family and friends!!

Please feel free to email me at woodyg@coffey.com, with ANY decorating questions you have.

Article written by Lara Taylor, Woody G's Gallery

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