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The Assasination - Part IV

12/01/2005 - As soon as the Pattersons left Elijah's house, Elijah went right back to work doubling his speed to make up for lost time. The Pattersons began to worry about him, as well as Anna, because he almost never slept anymore, but he ignored them when they tried to get him to rest.

Jonathan and Lily were out of the loop at this point because none of the others were sure whether or not they should be informed of the situation and, unintentionally, broke off ninety percent of the communication that they used to have with the couple. It made Jonathan angry at them even though they tried to convince him it was for his own good.

Through it all Elijah was really the only one being productive – if you could call it that. He would lock himself in the study for hours and just stare at the different objects. The little object he didn't recognize intrigued him most. But no matter how much he studied it, he just didn't know what it was or what it did. In frustration he turned back to the video hoping that something might jump out at him that hadn't before. He especially replayed their alter-reality. He wondered how these "men in black" were able to know where the cabin was and how they filmed it. It appeared that the videos were made from a camera in the corner of the room, but since Elijah couldn't truly remember the cabin interior, he wasn't sure what was in that corner. It was right beside a bed so the logical explanation would be a nightstand, but Elijah thought they would've noticed if there had been a camera sitting on it.

He kept this in mind as he switched to the other videos. He watched the one where he was wrestling in the back of the Stratus. It was very dark, but he tried to determine the identity of the man he was wrestling with. He appeared to be a tall man, but he was wearing all black, so it was hard to decipher his height with certainty. There was one thing Elijah could tell. The color of his hair...red. It stood out like a sore thumb. Elijah was sure he would recognize a head of hair like that anywhere. He knew where he'd seen it before.

The ID said his name was Max. No last name. Just Max.

Elijah rewound the video again and this time he focused on where the camera appeared to be hidden. It was not difficult to figure out that this clip was filmed by the very cell phone Elijah'd found. It had been clipped to "Max's" belt. He had moved it and set it on the backseat when he was about to strangle Elijah.

The part of the film that puzzled Elijah most was the very end. He saw himself and Max fighting. Then Max grabbed the phone. The film shook for a second as if Max was still struggling against Elijah and didn't care where the camera pointed, so it was hard to focus on anything. Then, without warning, the film was being shot from the outside of the car as the car went over the cliff. Elijah knew he must have managed to get out of the car before it went over or he wouldn't be here at present, unless his death had later been "erased" like Lily's in the alter-reality. But he was in the last few clips of this film in the cabin, so it couldn't be that. Elijah slowed the film down to watch more carefully. He saw himself throw a punch toward Max's head, but Max turned his head, so Elijah's fist flew past him. Now Max's face was looking toward the phone. Max appeared to reach into his pocket, pull something out and put it above his head. Elijah was reaching for it when Max reached for the phone, blocking the view of what was ocurring for a few moments. Then the film violently giving only random shots of the Stratus' interior. Before Elijah could tell anything else, the viewpoint changed, appearing to be from outside and was now steady. The focus returned, showing the car as it went over the edge of the cliff. Elijah rewound the film again and zoomed in on the object Max retrieved. It looked like a small, yellow computer mouse with no wires. Elijah looked back at the table. "Now we're getting somewhere," he said to himself as he grabbed the mystery object from the table. It matched the one on the video. He figured it had to do with the strange transportation, but he wasn't sure. He wished he had someone from the future to ask. That's when he remembered the discovery from his own backyard, the "inter-time communicator". He excitedly reached into his pocket and pulled out the calculator-like device. Following the directions in the letter he dialed the number to contact his son at age fifteen. Of course it took a few tries to convince his son who kept hanging up on him that he was Elijah Senior from the "past". It was only once Elijah Senior from the "present" explained everything to his son that he was willing to listen.

Surprisingly, they knew nothing about the yellow device. Elijah was just about to say goodbye when a brilliant idea popped into his head. He didn't know why he'd never thought about this before.

"Junior, one more thing..." he said, "Would you pull out a history book and tell me everything you know about the assassination of Jonathan Moore?"

There was silence on the other end for a moment before Elijah Jr. said, "Jonathan Moore wasn't assassinated."

"He wasn't?" Elijah exclaimed, relieved.

"No, that's a theory that's gone around concerning his death, but no one knows for sure since nothing showed up on the autopsy."

Elijah's heart sank. "Tell me everything you do know about it, then," he said.

"Give me a second," Elijah Jr. said, pulling up to his computer and running a quick internet search.

"Okay, I'm just going to read it. It says,

On election day 2025 during the inauguration ceremony of Jonathan Moore as the forty-seventh president of the United States of America he collapsed and died for, as yet, unknown reasons. Many theories, but as nothing has shown up on the autopsy the true cause remains a mystery.

That's all it says."

"That's it?"


"Do they have a video or something?"

"Yeah, actually, that's caused a worldwide scare for a long time. In the video, for only a split second you can see this red-haired guy holding what looks like a really small, red keyboard, and then he disappears, but it's so quick. Some people say they can't even see it. Even when they view the video in slow motion it's practically indecipherable. We've heard, 'It's a ghost!' 'No, it's an alien, they're going to make war on the world and they're starting by killing the president!' but I don't buy any of it."

"What do you buy?"

"I buy a reflection, or accidental camera trick and a heart attack or something."

"Thanks, Kiddo, you've been a big help."

"Anytime, uh...Dad!"

Elijah hung up the phone and huffed. Now what?

A yellow mouse, a red keyboard, a cell phone, a really creepy guy with red hair, a white building, black clothes, a dead president, reality? Elijah didn't even know what was real and what wasn't. He looked up and whispered, "Help!" Then he went to bed, but he didn't sleep all night long.

Continued next month...

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