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The Chad and Tammy Bergman Family

12/01/2005 - Anyone who knows Tammy Bergman knows she possesses a delightful personality. Tammy lights up a room when she walks in and has a way of making life a little brighter for all who know her. Her husband, Chad, knows he is a very fortunate man.

The admiration is mutual. When asked to describe Chad, Tammy's simple answer was "Perfection...if I had to sum Chad up in one word it would be 'perfection'." (Don't let it go to your head, Chad.)

Chad is general manager for Farnham's Furniture Galleries.

Chad and Tammy have been married 10 years and have three beautiful children, Peter (8), Lindsay (6) and Philip (3). Peter loves to write and can frequently be found at his mother's desk writing stories and typing them into the computer. Hmmm...come see us at Our Town Casper Magazine in a few years, Peter. He also enjoys Playstation games.

Lindsay, alias "the Bandaid Queen" is incredibly compassionate. "If anyone is sick or injured, or even just sad, she's the first one on the job," Tammy explains. "She's also very kind."

"Sunshine" -- Tammy's one-word description of her son, Philip. "He came into our lives as child number three when we were expecting only two and just lit up our lives."

The Bergmans enjoy life in Casper. "I love the fact that I have deep family roots here. My grandfather (who worked for the railroad) built his home here many years ago. I love the seasons and I love the colors of the Casper area, even in winter. Whenever I travel I'm always so glad to come back...to look out the window and see Casper," Tammy says.

"I used to work in the tourism business. Time and time again people would mention that Casper was the 'warmest, friendliest town the people are so nice here'." We know, Tammy, we know...especially folks like you! Thanks for being our cover family.

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