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Contagious Joy

12/01/2005 - It was Christmas 1994. My mom leaned over and smiled at our three month old son, Simon. Simon broke into a laugh for the very first time. His joyful laughter filled our family with tremendous joy that Christmas.

Joy is contagious. It is meant to be shared. If our home gets to lacking joy, I find it is time to get silly with my kids and our dog (a pug). I will do something like throw on some upbeat music and start bouncing around and shouting joyfully with them. In a short time, the joy in our home is restored. Joy comes from a Greek word meaning "to shout". So my crazy, joyful shouting is justified!:)

What is joy? Joy is the infilling of gladness. Joy is like helium. It gives life to a deflated countenance.

Joy does not depend upon our circumstances. It does not need to be sustained by a certain income. Joy is a free gift waiting to be unwrapped. Or like a helium tank, it is waiting to be tapped.

Next to our downtown post office is a life-size manger. Have you seen it? It is impressive. It is a beautiful reminder of the Christmas baby who came to bring all people great joy.

May the contagious joy of Christmas spread throughtout our community this season. Have a very merry Christmas!

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