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North Platte Physical Therapy

12/01/2005 - by Jennifer Sardam

You might already know that physical therapy can treat your back or knee pain, but how about improving your golf swing?  North Platte Physical Therapy Services, Inc. in Casper offers that and so much more.

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The Casper clinic opened in 1997, as one of many branches of the company that first began in 1988, when physical therapists Chuck Mangus (current senior partner of the Casper office) and Carol Wells started the first two North Platte Physical Therapy clinics in Douglas and Wheatland. Since then, affiliated satellite clinics have opened in the towns of Lusk, Glenrock, Sundance, Newcastle, Gillette, Powell and Guernsey, and provide part-time care services to parts of rural Wyoming. All of the clinics are physical therapist-owned. 

The number one goal of physical therapists is that we're here to help people, said Robert Royse, doctor of physical therapy and supervisor at the North Platte clinic in Casper. "We try to accommodate people, [and] we try to be flexible, so we can get the person seen. That's what we're here for."

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Each of the three physical therapists on staff in Casper stays busy, treating 12 to 16 patients a day on average, sometimes making special concessions for those patients with difficult schedules.

Casper physical therapy assistant Scott Coziahr recently created a golf analysis and training program. He analyzes a person's golf swing by determining how much weight is put on different aspects of the feet or legs during different movements. And by assessing the body's alignment from the ankles up, he can help to improve a golfer's technique. Scott also recommends specific exercises to patients to target and strengthen or increase flexibility in areas of the body that may limit movement during the golf swing.

Many people first seek physical therapy following surgery or when they need treatment for an auto accident or work-related injury. The Casper clinic offers outpatient rehabilitation for these traditional needs but goes the extra mile to provide a range of innovative options in one location.

We've got hand therapists, said Robert.  "We can make custom orthotics for people. We can make hand splints."

"The number one injuries we treat," said Robert, "are back or spine injuries. We put a lot of emphasis on spine rehabilitation, and a big part of that is prevention."

Robert and his staff try to encourage that prevention by spreading the word across the community. "What we like to do is get out to companies and teach them ways that people can prevent back injuries. It's probably one of the most easily preventable injuries if you do things right," said Robert. "You've just got to know what the right things are and what the wrong things are."

Robert says what he enjoys most about his work is using his knowledge of anatomy and physiology to diagnose each person's particular problem. He supports health, fitness and wellness as avenues for treatment, as opposed to medications. "We don't do anything with medication," he said. "It's all manual therapy techniques to mobilize soft tissues and joints, strengthening and flexibility exercises, posture, lifting techniques, [and] all those kinds of things. We just give people an exercise program that they can stick with to stay injury free."

He also enjoys getting to know his patients, adding that the typical patient visits two to three times a week for a certain number of weeks in therapy. "We might spend anywhere between an hour and three hours with a person, so we really get to know them and have fun."

"We have fun with the patients, so they're more likely to enjoy coming to therapy. They end up just getting better, simply because they're doing what they need to do, and yet they're able to actually enjoy it as well.." He added that they get a lot of their business from repeat customers and people who come there because family or friends recommended it to them.

Robert is from Colorado Springs, Colo., and his wife is from Laramie. He first admired the company when he was a student doing clinical rotations alongside Chuck Mangus in Douglas. He saw an opening for a therapist in Casper and has been here ever since.

North Platte Physical Therapy in Casper accepts Medicare. The office is located at 311 Thelma Drive. Call 234-2662 for an appointment.

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