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Around Our Town...Cool Kids

Brittany Lake

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12/01/2005 - by Flint Bartosh

"She makes me look at people differently...she never says anything bad about anyone," says Robin Lake, mother of 13 year-old Brittany Lake.

Bobbie Lake, Brittany's aunt, tells us, "Brittany does not get recognized often enough for all the great things she does for her family, friends, pets and even a stranger that needs help...she is always helping her parents out around the house...she thinks of everyone else first."

Brittany attends school at Midwest High school and plays on the school's basketball team, the "Lady Pumpers". In her spare time Brittany likes to babysit and help her mother at the Bar Nunn School. She also likes volleyball, motocross, cooking, and dance. "If she didn't have school and had more time, I know that she would be at the Denver Children's Hospital every day helping people," Robin tells us.

Brittany's father builds oilfield equipment for a living and her mother works in the special education Department at Bar Nunn Elementary. "My family is fun and really caring," says Brittany.

Brittany, who has lived her whole life in Wyoming, tells us the thing that she likes best about Casper is, not surprisingly, the people. "I like the way everyone is so friendly and nice."

When asked if she has any heroes, Brittany without hesitation said that her sister Kenda, who passed away two years ago after a struggle with cancer, was her hero and inspiration. "It helps me get through a hard day when I think about how strong she was and everything she went through."

In spite of the rough times Brittany went through after losing Kenda, Brittany has continued to keep good grades and excel in school. "She's very strong," remarked her mother.

Thanks Brittany for being such a cool kid!

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