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The Power of Progress

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11/01/2005 - While people make a great hospital, technology provides the tools for them to work at their best. Wyoming Medical Center remains committed to having the latest technologies available for people in Natrona County and Wyoming. By investing in facilities and equipment that give our staff and physicians the best tools, Wyoming people can find the help they need here at home.

Last month, Wyoming Medical Center installed Wyoming's first Siemens SOMATOM Sensation 64 CT scanner. This new imaging capability will make it possible for physicians to take images of the heart between beats or reconstruct internal parts of the body into 3-dimensional images that can be easily viewed. Greater image sensitivity also means that these new technologies can diagnose lung cancer earlier or even the build-up of plaque in an artery. Enhanced imaging also allows physicians to provide a broader range of services that were once only done in surgery and required an inpatient stay.

It is the fastest CT Scan available in the world and is also found in major hospitals such as Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic. During a CT scan, the x-ray beam system rotates 360 degrees around as the body slides through a donut shaped scanner. This produces 64 images per rotation and there are 2.75 rotations every second. During this rotation, the machine scans detailed transverse slices of the previously defined body regions. This CT scan is an uncomplicated and painless type of medical evaluation, which depending on the anatomical region being examined, takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes to perform. Also, the radiation dose required for this examination is kept as low as possible using ultra modern CT technology. Based on the data gained, the computer will then generate the final diagnostic quality images.

The upgrading of technology, including the evaluation and purchase is a constant process at Wyoming Medical Center. We chose to highlight this project so that you can gain an appreciation for the complexity and benefits at Wyoming Medical Center. Many of these advancements are being planned for years in advance so that Wyoming Medical Center can continue to bring new technologies and services to the people of Wyoming.

Story courtesy of Wyoming Medical Center

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