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Pastor Profiles: Randy Barnett, Bar Nunn Baptist Church

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11/01/2005 - "One thing I always knew about my husband from the day we married (26 years ago) is that he is a man of genuine love...such a giving person...giving of himself," says Brenda Barnett. "I learned a long time ago...to share him," she relates, "He has never neglected our family...He is a terrific father," she continues, "What first attracted me to him was his laugh...he's helped me to lighten up." The couple met at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri and have walked through the joys and sorrows of life together in deep commitment.

When asked to give a word about her father, 14-year-old Cyndy Barnett responds, "I just know that he loves me NO MATTER WHAT," describing the unconditional love she and her sisters have received from her dad. The Barnetts have been blessed with four lovely daughters, all of whom they adopted. One only need spend a moment with "Brother Randy", as he is affectionately called by his congregation, to observe the love and dedication his family describes.

"Brother Randy lives what he preaches and is not afraid to get his hands dirty," says Dustin Windle, member of Bar Nunn Baptist Church. "He makes time to not only be a devoted husband, father and pastor, but also allows God to use him to meet the physical and spiritual needs of people in crises (such as the flood in Kaycee and Hurricaine Katrina). Servants like Pastor Randy are the tools God keeps in his front pocket."

Randy is in his eighth year as Pastor of Bar Nunn Baptist Church. He was Pastor of Alcova Baptist Church for 22½ years. He says that watching people grow spiritually, especially from the very beginning, baptising them, etc., is his greatest reward as a pastor. Dividing his time as a bivocational pastor (one who works for a living in addition to his pastorate) would be his greatest challenge in his role as pastor.

A veteran of the U.S. Navy, Randy moved to Casper after he retired from military service in 1968. "I just love Wyoming...the mountains...the wide open spaces and the rustic beauty," he says. He enjoys working with the people of Wyoming, ranchers, oil field transplants, etc. "Brother Randy" admits that working with people can be a challenge. "None of us are perfect," he explains, "you take the good with the bad."

"Brother Randy" is the whole package rolled into one...husband, father, pastor, contributing member of our community...giving each role his very best. He can be spread pretty thin at times, but he keeps plugging away. Our Town Casper commends you, Randy, and thanks you for all you do.

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