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The Assassination Part II

10/01/2005 - Elijah sat alone in the living room at one o'clock a.m. His wife had gone to sleep hours ago, but he couldn't. He was reviewing the letter over and over again. It's reference to Jonathan's assassination really disturbed him, but all the other things it said would happen already had. He called Roy.

"Hey, Elijah? It's one o'clock a.m! Can't you call back later?"

"No, Roy. This is too important," Elijah said urgently. "Please don't hang up! Your letter said something about Jonathan getting assassinated, right?"

"Uh, yeah. Why?"

Elijah felt exasperated with the doctor, but he knew Roy was tired so he continued rationally. "Because we don't want him to die do we?"

"No, but I thought the whole idea was that we don't change what's meant to be. If we didn't know he would get assassinated, we wouldn't have tried to stop it, so, why should we now? We're not supposed to know anyway."

Elijah was thoughtful, "I don't know," he said at length, "I just wish I hadn't chosen to write that part in my letter." He paused. "Hey, Roy, I just thought of something else important. How about I'll call you right back, okay?"

"Please don't!"

"Oh, right, sorry!" Elijah hung up and called Jonathan. Not surprisingly, Jonathan, always the early riser, was awake.

"Hey, Elijah. You couldn't sleep either?" he said.

"No. I was wondering, could you read your letter to me?" Elijah asked. He had to be careful how he went about his goal — finding out whether or not Jonathan knew about the assassination, too

"Sure." Jonathan said. Elijah was relieved to hear that Jonathan's letter said nothing about it.

Good he thought. He had sense enough not to tell himself about it. None of us should know when we're going to die.

"That's all, thanks." he told Jonathan and hung up before he was forced to converse any further. If there was anyone he didn't want to talk to right now, it was Jonathan. Not with this so heavy on his mind.

Elijah sat up all night thinking about it. Is there any way I can prevent Jon from dying and still be faithful to the purpose? he wondered, but he just wasn't sure. The whole idea of knowing this secret was to never take power that shouldn't be their's, but it was harder than he thought. It was harder because, in a sense, he already had power that didn't belong to him...knowledge of future. He began to doubt his own wisdom considering the course of action he'd taken in penning the letter at all. It was amazing how complicated his life had suddenly become – all because of a couple sheets of paper.

At around five a.m. Jonathan was still sitting up, so he decided to get the paper. Maybe it will take my mind off things he thought, but the paper did anything but that. There, on the cover was the picture of a red-haired man. The article read,

Yesterday, at around four o'clock p.m. a man landed on top of Wagon Wheel resident Harry Thompson's roof in the Hampton Lake area. Eyewitnesses tell us that he fell from the sky.

Hampton Lake! Jonathan thought, That's only a couple of miles from here! He kept reading.

"I was sitting there watching TV and I heard this really loud thump. That's when I knew something was on my roof." the owner of the house tells us.

"We were just taking a walk and we saw him falling. There were no trees around, no planes. I don't know where he fell from." says a neighbor.

The man was rushed to the local hospital to be checked for injuries, but he appeared to be okay.

When questioned about what he was doing the man would not speak. We have no further information at this time.

Jonathan sighed. "Here we go!" he muttered. Just then, the phone rang. It was Elijah.

"Did you see the newspaper?" Elijah said.

"Yup! Talk about impeccable timing! I'm calling our first emergency meeting. Come to my house as soon as possible. Bring Anna and the communicator."

"Anna's asleep."

"I know, but I want us to have a plan before the rest of Wagon Wheel has heard this. No doubt some of them have already. I'll see if I can get Patterson and his wife over here, too."

"At five a.m.? Good luck!"

At the meeting, three members were added to the three that already made up the small group of rebels. Lily Ann Moore, Anna Cohen and Elizabeth Patterson. Put together with Jonathan Moore, Dr. Roy Patterson, and Elijah Andrew Cohen — alias Andrew Brown — there were six people. It wasn't a large group, but at least they had a plan. Jonathan told them they would all eventually need alias names so that no one from the future could know who they were, but, for now, Elijah was the only member who needed one. Since he was the only man of the three members from the year two thousand twenty-four who was not a prominent figure, he would be the "undercover" or "inside man".

Later that day, "Andrew Brown", the "policeman" paid a visit to the hospital. He said he had some questions for the "Mystery Man" and that he needed privacy. As soon as the door was shut he cut to the chase. "Why are you here?" he asked.

The man shook his head.

"I could have you arrested for resisting the law if you don't answer me."

"You're not an officer."

"Andrew" was disconcerted. Either this man was very perceptive, or knew way more than he should – neither of which were positive scenarios. He paused, trying to decide how to react. He decided there was no sense trying to hide what was already out in the open, so he was straightforward.

"Well, you know more about me than I thought, but I also know more about you. What year are you from?"

The man tried to cover his surprise, to no avail. "The year two thousand twenty-four, of course. Unless you mean when I was born. I'm thirty, so that would be nineteen ninety-four."

"I know where you're from," Andrew said, "You're from the future."

"What?" the man laughed, but it was clear that he was surrendering to the fact that Andrew knew a lot more than he should.

"No one in the past ever time traveled."

The man pulled out something that looked like a gun with knives on the end. "You know way too much, man. I don't know who you are, but I'm on a mission and no one's gonna stop me."

"How'd you get that in here without someone noticing it?" Andrew asked, trying vainly to hide his fear with a casual comment.

"If you're so smart how come you don't know? It's from the future, too — and it's a painful way to die, so you'd better get OUT of my hospital room — NOW!"

Andrew threw his hands up in surrender. It was obvious that the nice, easy way out of this was not going to work. "Hey, take it easy with that!" he said. "I'm leaving."

A sly smile curled the end of the man's lip and he said, "No, wait...stay. I need some info. It better be the truth, too or so help me I'll..."

"I get it." Andrew said. "What do you need to know?"

"Jonathan Moore. Tell me, are you voting for him?"

"So what if I'm not? You gonna force me to by threatening me with that thing?" Andrew said. It was a sly way of making it sound as though he wasn't voting for Jon, without outright lying.

It had occurred to Andrew just what this guy had in mind and he was relieved. Maybe, if Jonathan's would-be-assassin was from the future it wouldn't be wrong to stop him. Maybe the assassin would be the one messing up the order of things, just the way killing Lily had in the previous alter-reality. Maybe, Jonathan was supposed to live.

"Listen, man, I'm givin' you one more chance and if you don't give me some facts it's no more nice guy."

Andrew didn't remember a nice guy to begin with. He sent up a quick prayer for help and made a break for the door. As he was turning he saw the man grab the trigger. Andrew dove to the floor and watched as the knives that were sticking out the end of the gun shot forward out of the barrel and extended sideways making a star shape, but instead of turning so that the blades aimed at the target, it stayed parallel with it's target. The star hit the wall and stuck there, even though the star was still parallel with the wall. Then an electrical shock slowly radiated out from the tiny star. Andrew watched, horrified, as the electricity danced along the wall and made it's way around the room until electrical waves were visible on every part. All at once, it stopped. The star was still stuck to the wall, though. Then with a loud, metallic, clicking sound it popped back into the shape in which it had originally come out of the barrel, with all the blades facing forward. It stuck into the wall and twisted as though burrowing into the ground. For a moment Andrew could not see it anymore and then it popped back out of the wall with a chunk of the wall's insulation wrapped up between the blades.

"You like that?" the red haired man said, laughing. "I invented it myself, and the time machine! Brilliant isn't it? But, I missed my target didn't I? I'd better try again!"

Andrew jerked the door open and slammed it behind him.

Nurse Kimball, who Andrew knew from visiting Dr. Patterson at his workplace before he retired, was just happening by.

"What was all of that noise?" she asked Andrew and she reached for the doorknob.

"NOOO!" Andrew shouted, but she had already opened the door and the star plastered itself onto her stomach. As quick as a flash Andrew grabbed the star off of her. He was going to throw it back at the red haired man when it started sending out electrical waves. He felt the shock traveling up his arm and paralyzing his muscles. The only thing he could do was drop the star before it cut into his hand, but by then the shock had traveled throughout his body and he collapsed on the hospital floor.

Continued next month...

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