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Around Our Town...Cool Kids

Anna Mae Shickich

09/01/2005 - Five-year-old Anna Mae Shickich is already demonstrating by her actions that she is a "cool kid".

Recommended to Our Town Casper for the Casper's Cool Kids feature by her dance instructor, Anna Mae habitually exhibits random acts of kindness toward her fellow dance students. A couple of examples: The "scarf game" is very important in the eyes of five-year-old dance students, especially the color of one's scarf (in this case, pink). Anna Mae observed that a fellow student was displeased with the color of the scarf given her.

As the recipient of the much coveted pink scarf, Anna Mae immediately and cheerfully "saved the day".

Even more important than the "scarf game" is the position of "line leader" for the day. Anne Mae generously relinquished her turn as "line leader" to cheer a fellow student who

had been sick. "She's always doing things like that," says her dance instructor, Miss Julie.

Anna Mae is very helpful to her blind grandfather, helping with his cane and holding his hand to help him find his way around new places. She particularly enjoys family gatherings such as the family tradition of donuts on Saturday mornings at her grandparent's house (Joe and Lois Shickich) with family and close friends.

Anna Mae likes to help around the house, washing dishes, cleaning floors and windows, dusting, folding laundry and especially cooking.

She loves books and is enjoying learning to read and do math at her Montessori School. She has studied ballet for a year and a half, and loves it. She also enjoys tap and gymnastics.

Anna Mae loves animals – all animals. She has two fish, a dog, cat, puppy and a rat! She is pleased to take care of and play with all of them.

She is very creative and likes to make and fix things. She comes up with her own projects and finds the materials herself to complete them. "One of her great traits is that she sticks with things until she accomplishes them, trying and practicing over and over," says mom, Clairyce Shickich. "Anna Mae is very affectionate, sensitive and thoughtful. She gives lots of hugs and loves to spend time with friends and family."

Anna Mae, Our Town Casper is proud to have you in our community. Thanks for being such a "cool kid"!

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