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Andrew's Secret Part VI

05/01/2005 - Andrew held his breath as he felt his way along the dark hallway. He wasn't sure where Mrs. Cohen and Elijah were, but it had grown quiet, so he guessed they were in another part of the house. Besides, Andrew knew she would be putting Elijah to bed in his room soon, so he decided he'd better make a break for it. It might be his only chance. When he reached the end of the hallway, he paused and listened to make sure the coast was clear. He could hear Mrs. Cohen softly singing Elijah to sleep. It was coming from the living room right beside the front door. There would be no getting back out that way. He tried to remember where there might be another door, but he just couldn't. Uh-oh, he said to himself. I may be here for a while.

Jonathan found himself lying in a large, empty, white room, his hands cuffed together in front of him. He rubbed the back of his head and winced. There was a lump, undoubtedly from the blow he'd received earlier. He surveyed his surroundings, trying to figure out where he was, and how long he'd been there. He could hear the sound of echoing foot steps coming from just outside his door. They sounded like they came from more than one person and were heavy and hurried. He pressed his ear against the door, but couldn't hear anything else. He tried the knob but, of course, it was locked. Stay calm, he told himself. We have a full two months until the natural order of things is destroyed, one night won't hurt. Why don't I feel any better?

Andrew didn't know what to do. He was still standing at the end of the hall, just a few feet away from the front door, when it opened. It was David. Andrew tried to duck, back out of sight, but it was to late. "Who are you?" David demanded, grabbing Andrew by the arm. Not wanting too hurt his own father, Andrew wrenched away and dashed out the front door. "Ruth, call 911!" he heard David call over his shoulder as he bolted after Andrew. Andrew ran with all his might, stumbling over unseen obstacles as he went. He had no clue where he was going. It was just too dark. All he knew was that he could not stop. He couldn't get arrested not now.

Finally he made out what appeared to be an alley between houses. Without a second thought, he dove into it and prostrated himself, pressing against the privacy fence of someone's backyard, and stayed there for five minutes. He wasn't sure if that was long enough to safely assume he'd lost his pursuer, but the police had been called, and, in a town like Wagon Wheel they wouldn't be long. He had to find Jonathan before they arrived.

Jonathan was growing increasingly distressed. Andrew's still in the house. What will happen when he comes out and I'm not there? I left the car door cracked. Iif someone steals it we'll never get back to the doctor.

Doctor Patterson! I could call him at the cabin and see what he would do. Maybe he knows someone trustworthy enough to help. I don't think we can do this alone.

Jonathan reached for his belt where he kept his cell phone clipped. But, of course, it wasn't there. I should have known, he sighed. Suddenly the door unlocked. Startled, Jonathan turned and nervously waited as the door drifted open.

Stupid though it seemed, the only place Andrew could think to go was Robertson Street. If Jonathan was still nearby, that's where he'd be, so Andrew found his way there and positioned himself behind a bush near the road. Not a super hiding place, but he didn't anticipate being there long.

He thought he saw Jonathan's maroon Stratus a few houses down from the Cohen house, but his vision was so iffy, he just couldn't be sure. He was trying to decide whether or not it was worth the risk to approach the vehicle when two hands grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him to the ground. Caught off guard, it knocked the wind out of him and he was unprepared for what came next. A man in black was standing over him with a knife dangerously close to his throat. Andrew was struck as he looked up at this man. His fiery red hair was no match for the fire in his eyes. Andrew suspected that, if he made it away alive, this would not be the last he saw or heard from him. He was a man in black, but he was different from the others. Andrew saw in him a determination unmatched by anyone he'd ever seen before...and an unsatiable hunger for something.

Andrew didn't know what, but he saw the potential for this man to become powerful. Andrew could hear sirens now, in the distance, and his heart began to thump. Another man in black stepped out of hiding. "Don't talk to him, don't hurt him, just get him in the vehicle." The red haired man turned to put his knife away and Andrew seized the opportunity. He reached up, grabbed the man's arms, firmly planted his feet in the man's stomach, and mustering all his strength, threw the man over his head. Then he jumped to his feet and took off running again, but this time he had a direction. He was running straight for the maroon Stratus. It was a weak hope, but it seemed his only choice. He hoped Jonathan was there. He was just reaching for the passenger door when two police cars, lights and sirens blaring, turned onto the street.

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Andrews Secret
Andrew's Secret Part VII
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