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Around Our Town...People John and Shirley Elmore

04/01/2005 - Doesn't everybody dream of the kind of marriage where, after fifty six years, you still delight to be together. John and Shirley Elmore are living that dream.

The couple met in 1947 at a restaurant in Wheatland where Shirley worked as a waitress. Mutual friends introduced them and several love letters later, John brought his new bride to Casper, where he worked for Socony Vacuum (later to be renamed Mobile Oil Company). "We stopped in Douglas for a hamburger on the way," Shirley chuckles.

The wedding wasn't fancy just their parents, the minister and his wife, but John and Shirley will tell it was the start of a wonderful life together.

The couple reminisce about their long distance (Casper to Wheatland) romance in those days before the wedding. On one John's many auto trips to visit his sweetheart he was driving his brand new Chevrolet Aero Sedan. The infamous blizzard of '49 blew up and the car became completely covered with snow. John was about four miles from Glenrock at the time. Fortunately, he caught a ride into town and bought shovels. Some friends unsuccessfully attempted to help John dig the car out. Rescuers finally lifted the car with a fork lift, but the tines punctured the trunk in three places. He drove that car for many years.

John was transferred to Beaumont, Texas for three years, but he couldn't wait to get back to Casper. When asked what he likes about Casper, John says it "the weather and Casper Mountain". He also enjoys the way Casper still "feels" like a small town.

The couple used to hunt dear and antelope. Camping and fishing were also much enjoyed pastimes. Their family (all Casper residents) includes their son Maurice, daughter Lynne and grandchildren, Shawn, Schlee, Jenny and Matthew. They expect their first great grandchild in August...Oh, and two "very spoiled" Yorkies, Oliver and Truman.

"We've enjoyed a really good life here," Shirley smiles. "The air is clean. You can go for a drive in the country and you don't have '50 million' cars around you. You feel more secure here. It's just a good place to live. It's just home."

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