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03/01/2005 - It all began with a blind date... it's often been said that love is blind. Chuck and Jane Ayres will celebrate sixty happy years of marriage November 17, all spent in Casper.

The couple met when Chuck was stationed at a Philadelphia Navy yard. His roommate was a taking out a friend of Jane's. "Well, I called you, didn't I?" Chuck says describing his attraction to Jane after their date together. Three children, seven grandchildren and seven great grandchildren later, Chuck is still smitten.

Always outdoorsy types, the couple spent a lot of time at Alcova. Fishing and skiing were favorite pastimes as well as some hunting. "Jane once shot an antelope right between the eyes," Chuck brags.

When asked what she likes about Casper, Jane is quick to respond... "the size, and family, of course. I wouldn't want to live in a big city ever again."

Chuck agrees, "Family and climate... I like the climate".

Life was quite busy for Chuck as Co-owner of Ayres Jewelry Co., the oldest jewelry store in Wyoming. The business is now owned by son, Scott Ayres. Chuck tells us he didn't know how to say "No" and consequently, was quite involved in the community (President of Rotary, Community Chest, United Way, Chamber of Commerce member, and Episcopalians Vestry Board, to name a few).

The Ayres agree that greatest change they've seen during their years in Casper is the growth. Perhaps the best kept secret is getting out that Casper is a great place to live, work and play... and that you'll find great people, like Chuck and Jane Ayres living here!

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