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Toy Tech comes to Wyoming Science Adventure Center

02/01/2005 - A display of the World's Greatest Toys opens on February 19. 2005 at the Wyoming Science Adventure Center. A "sneak peak" reception will be held on Friday, February 18, 2005 from 6:00-8:00 pm. The reception will be free for members and $5.00 for non-members.

The display is part of a nationally traveling exhibit called TOY TECH which was developed by Ed Sobey, Ph.D., President of Northwest Invention Center. While visiting TOY TECH, visitors will be able to design and innovate a variety of toys which shall inspire guests to exercise their creativity and explore problem solving skills.

At the Wyoming Science Adventure Center, visitors can marvel at how a Super-Soaker works and, if you've ever wondered how an Etch A Sketch works, you can find out. Also, featured in this exhibit are Furby, Air Hogs, Radio Controlled Cars and a dozen more toys.

The exhibit will also consist of the following materials and technology:

The World's Greatest Toys

Toys and How They Work

History of Toys

Toy Spys

Come check out this new and fascinating exhibit where one can Learn to invent – invent to learn.

Members of our community share their favorite toy memories:

Hank Osborn, ABC Certified Orthotist

Owner: High Country Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc.

"Growing up on a cattle ranch on the Canadian border in Montana, playtime was very limited. I had a lot of toys but my favorites were not created by man. They were my dog, spot, and my horse, blaze. They were not only my pets, but my constant companions and friends. My love for animals has remained through the years."

Carol Santistevan, Area Director – REACH 4 A Star Writing Academy

"Growing up in the country, my favorite "toy" was the horses. I helped feed them and take care of them, but riding them was the most fun. I loved to take my "toys" with me to clinics, rodeos, and horse shows. We always learned a lot; well, usually I learned the most. The best part is...I still get to play with my favorite toy almost every day."

Bruce Nichols , Photographer, Mountains Sun Photographer

"As a world history project in junior high, I built a drilling rig to scale (out of balsa wood). The original rig drilled a hole in Uinta County, Wyoming that was ten feet in diameter and one mile deep. In 1967 this was a world record.

"From grade school through junior high school I built different scale models of cars. The project that I did that was the greatest learning experience was the one with all the working parts. The steering, gear box, rear end, and brakes were all functional."

Jason Vlcan, WySAC: Science Zone

"The classic good vs. evil series. No matter what went wrong, good would always outshine evil. HE-MAN and the good fellows against SKELETOR and his evil companions. What made the show so great was the idea that every show ended with Prince Adam (HE-MAN) talking about safety. For example: don't play with matches. The toys and characters are collectables, and I still have all of them today."

Pam Dunn, Casper Mountain Sled Dog Races

My grandfather gave me an autographed Mickey Mantle baseball bat and ball for my birthday when I was seven. That was in 1955!

Erich Frankland, Faculty, Casper College

"My Yellow Tonka Truck (which I still have) was a constant source of entertainment for me as a child. Filling it up with dirt, sticks, etc. and then "driving" it around, dumping the load and repeating the process was great fun, especially in the summertime. It's "four-wheel" capabilities took it and me everywhere possible."

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