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Make a Healthy Lifestyle a Part of Your New Year's Resolution - Medically Supervised Weight Loss Can Be Your Key to Success

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12/01/2016 - Every year we make a list of New Year's Resolutions, most of which we forget as the weeks and months of the new year drag on. "Making resolutions about weight loss is the number one promise we make — and break every year," says Jonie Girouard, MD. "The first rule of losing weight and truly leading a healthy lifestyle is to be honest with yourself and set realistic goals. You did not gain all your excess weight overnight, so don't expect to lose it overnight either. The best advice I can give is to look for help in reaching your goals. Ask your doctor for some weight loss tips and incorporate them into a new, healthier lifestyle for 2017."

Doctor Jonie Girouard, and her husband, Michael P. Girouard, MD, are the driving force behind Let's Get Thin MD, the most successful medically supervised weight loss clinics of their kind in the US, having treated more than 170,000 patients over the past 34 years. Their medically supervised weight loss program known as "The Dr. Girouard Advantage" utilizes cutting edge therapies, many of which are unique to their clinics. Both are degreed medical doctors with experience in treating overweight patients with their clinically proven programs.

"A healthy lifestyle is not just about going on a diet," explains Dr. Michael P. Girouard. "It is about engaging a host of changes including making healthy eating choices, increased levels of activity, and working with your doctor in a medically supervised program of weight loss. I see patients daily who are on a myriad of drugs for various reasons and many times, those prescription drugs are adding to a weight gain program. We look at the whole patient and see what's going on in every area before we prescribe a program to address weight loss. With "The Dr. Girouard Advantage" we meet the weight gain problem head on in designing a combination of strategies including dietary modifications, moderate exercise, nutritional supplements, and medical augmentations."

"The best New Year's Resolution is one you can succeed with," says Dr. Jonie Girouard. "Don't make it complicated. Something as simple as 'I am going to commit to improving my life in a healthy way' is a great start. Make a list of little things you want to do and post them on your bathroom mirror or kitchen refrigerator so you can see and remind yourself of those little changes you want to make every day. Changes can be as simple as to pick an assortment of new drinks for the upcoming year. Cut out the sodas and sweet teas. Limit your intake of juices which are high in sugars. Cut back on your carbohydrate intake. Limit your desserts. That sounds like a lot but it really isn't. Simply change one thing each month and in a year you will see the results! Just do a little bit at a time."

Make a commitment to get healthy in 2017. Your doctor can be a terrific partner in your quest. "As physicians we understand the science behind weight loss and more importantly, weight gain," says Dr. Michael P. Girouard. "I see people every day who are struggling in their lives with being overweight and not all of it comes from poor eating habits. When they come to Let's Get Thin MD, we give them more than a weight loss solution. We give them compassion. We give them hope. We give the results they can see. We are their healthy lifestyle partner."

Let's Get Thin MD is located at 5890 East 2nd Street, and is open Monday through Thursday. Please call (307) 337-4058 for more details and to schedule your appointment. www.LetsGetThinMD.com

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