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There Are Going To Be Those Days!

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07/01/2015 - I was getting myself ready to go to church and then to my office recently to write a new article when my beloved wife showed me an interesting article in a health newsletter. There was an article about coffee which I read, resulting in her laughing and telling me that it was the other article she wanted me to read. It was regarding copper and Alzheimer's and that copper pipe and a water softener could be creating a situation in which we are getting too much copper in our systems. It is known to be very detrimental to our brains if we are accumulating too much copper.

What made this slightly comical was the day before I was helping my son put in a plastic water line inside his house for his sprinkler system. As we discussed the virtues of it and I mentioned that I still wonder if it is smart to put hot water through a plastic line (as some house are now plumbed for both hot and cold using this plastic piping) in that there can be the release of phthalates which can be very detrimental to the body. But I also mentioned to him that his grandmother, my mom was complaining about the lead galvanized pipes that were old and needed to be replaced at her house that served thirst quenching water for myself and my siblings not knowing about the lead or even the zinc that is used for galvanizing. Oh, did I mentioned I lived in a town that that told me that they got their water from the crystal clear lakes above them and it was delivered to the town in asbestos lined pipes and that's why it did not taste good. I hope that wasn't true.

Holy smokes! I should be really messed up - no brain, hormonal and organ damage, cancer etc., but I guess God does look out for the simple minded. Now that I am "edgeamacated", I think I want to go back to those days again. So my wife asked me what would be the safest. I thought to myself maybe there was something to the old adage about people who live in glass houses.

I believe our bodies are under constant stress (mental and physical) and that it is essentially "all hands on deck", your immune system, your liver, your kidneys, etc. The body is built to deal with all this assault but we have to be willing to put it in a position to do its job. By having lousy diets, not enough exercise, too much e-entertainment, not managing our stress and, yes, even not drinking enough water we will be creating the environment that cause our bodies to be affected by this onslaught. Resulting in more pharmaceuticals , more legislation, more scientific studies that show we are still messed up. Great. Hang in ther, guys! You can still change, manage and/or prevent this if you start changing your lifestyles.

So about this copper problem, you can take zinc to help neutralize but also increase your glutathione, which is one of your body's most potent anti-oxidants to help pull some of these metals out. Also, look back at my previous article on the Alzheimer's preventive program. I'm sure these individuals were not told to change their household plumbing! Until next time, see ya!

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