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Change the Brain, Part Two

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06/01/2015 - Howdy! I hope last month's article made you anticipate this month's conclusion of a revolutionary process in improving early onset cognitive decline (Dementia, Alzheimer's).

So here are two other cases written in journal Aging, September 2014:

(1) A 69 year old man with 11 years of slowly progressive but accelerating memory loss

PET scan showed reduce glucose utilization, consistent with Alzheimer's disease. He also experienced progressive difficulty recognizing the faces at work. He began on the therapeutic program, and after six months, his wife, co-workers, and he all noticed essentially complete restoration of all functions.

(2) A 55 year old female attorney suffering from progressively severe memory loss for four years

She was unable to perform her job. After five months on the therapeutic, she was able to work again, was able to learn Spanish, and began to learn a new legal specialty.

"Results from the 10 patients reported here suggest that memory loss in patients with subjective cognitive impairment, mild cognitive impairment, and at least the early phase of Alzheimer's disease, may be reversed, and improvement sustained, with the therapeutic program described here."

"One potentially important outcome is that all six of the patients whose cognitive decline had a major impact on job performance were able to return to work or continue without difficulty."

Now here is the program folks:

Elimination all simple carbohydrates

Elimination of gluten

Elimination of processed foods

Increased vegetables, fruits, and non-farmed fish

Stress reduction by learning and performing yoga and meditating 20 minutes twice per day

Supplementing with .5 mg of melatonin nightly

Supplementing with 1 mg methylcobalamin daily

Supplementing with 2000-5000 IU vitamin D3 daily

Supplementing with 2000 mg of fish oil daily

Supplementing with 200 mg CoQ10 daily

Increasing his/her sleep from 4-5 hours a night to 7-8 hours per night

Optimizing oral hygiene using an electric flosser and electric toothbrush

Fasting for a minimum of 12 hours between dinner and breakfast

Not eating for a minimum of 3 hours between dinner and bedtime

Exercising for a minimum of 30 minutes , 4-6 days per week

Chelating heavy metals, especially mercury, lead and cadmium

Supplementing with NAC (N-acetyl cysteine)

Supplementing with ALCAR, acetyl-L-carnitine

Supplementing with magnesium- threonate

Supplementing with Trp, tryptophan

Meat consumption limited to non-farmed, grass-fed beef or organic chicken

Taking probiotics

Taking 1 tsp coconut oil twice per day

Supplementing with herbs Bocopa monniera 250 mg, Ashwgandha 500 mg, and tumeric 400 mg. each day

Supplementing with methyltetrahydrofolate .8mg, and pyridoxine-5-phospahate 50 mg each day;

Supplementing with vitamin C 1 g per day

Supplementing with vitamin E 400 IU per day

Supplementing with Zn picolinate 50 mg per day

Supplementing with a- lipoic acid 100 mg per day

Supplementing with citicoline 200 mg daily

Appears daunting but I would rather work at something that has shown known improvement even if it is for subjective memory loss, early to mild dementia, and early phases of Alzheimer's than something that only shows "promise". This program has been mentioned in various forms on some of the articles I have written regarding healthy aging, neurodegenerative prevention, living longer, and improving brain function from different research articles.

Until next time , see ya!

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